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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org)
Date: Fri Mar 14 2008 - 13:33:01 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on:
1. Write the newspaper -  Letters to the Editor
2.  Your FEEDBACK - in words and action.

*1. Write the newspaper -  Letters to the Editor*

We sent out a news release today to both local and national media 
regarding John Murtari's upcoming Federal Trial.  He's facing contempt 
charges for writing "I LOVE YOU" to his son and "SEN CLINTON HELP US!" 
with chalk on the ground of the Federal Plaza.  The news release is free 
for anyone to retransmit.  It can be found at this link: 
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/clinton/release42.pdf .

The Post-Standard is the Syracuse Metro newspaper.  In the past they 
have published collections of letters regarding John's political 
activity.  We hope they will do so again regarding this trial and the 
failure of Senator Clinton to meet with parents.  We encourage all of 
you to take the time to send them a brief message in the next few days.  
The paper's web site is at  Here are their 
submission guidelines:

Letters should be 250 words or less (but up to 600 if they consider it 
very good).  You must include your name, full mailing address, and a 
daytime phone number for verification if necessary.  Address letters to:

The Reader's Page
P.O. Box 4915
Syracuse, NY 13211

Or by FAX to: 315-470-3081 or via E-Mail to: 
<>.  For the Subject line, use: Post-Standard 

We know many of you can't travel the long distance to Syracuse, but your 
letters will certainly be a help.  We will be checking the local paper 
and redistribute on our mailing list any letters that get published. 

*2.  Your FEEDBACK - in words and action.*

Your FEEDBACK to our last list message is below.  We are asking people 
to come to Syracuse for the trial and visit Senator Clinton's local 
offices which are in the same building.  Click here 
<http://www.AKidsRight.Org/clinton/trial_events.htm> for complete info 
and directions.  So far we've only had one person express interest in 
being there.  We could certainly use a few more.  If you can attend, 
please send a message to Kevin Purdy (kevin@AKidsRight.Org) and please 
"CC" a copy to feedback@AKidsRight.Org. 

--- Jackie Ross <>

 > I don't see why you are harping on Sen Clinton - she is just a patsy
 > for women's rights, she won't get you anywhere.  I would find
 > someone more sympathetic to your cause besides her.

--- per andersson <>

 > John,
 > please continue all your talk about religion and Jesus!

--- B. A. Townley <>

 > Isn't it totally absurd that there are Federal charges for writing
 > on sidewalks with chalk?  Shouldn't Federal trials be for major
 > things such as blowing up buildings, committing treason and other
 > real crimes?  They should have better things to spend time and
 > resources for than a man who has a piece of chalk and the wish to
 > see his child.

--- <>

 > WOW John:
 > Those are the same exact Psalms I use to read when I was going
 > through my custody battle.  I still read them.  I am also reminded
 > of our servant Job in the bible.  Everything he went through and he
 > never cursed God.  He was faithful.  Thank you for reminding me of
 > how wonderful our God is.  The Lord is my strength and my rock.  I
 > don't know where I would be if it was not for Him, his love and
 > grace.  The love of my heavenly Father is what has given me the
 > strength to continue living.  Never lose your faith, is the only
 > thing we have that is real and true.  We need to continue trusting
 > God and believe that everything that happens is for a reason.  I
 > believe that the Lord is using you for this cause that is so
 > important.  No one has the nerves to do what you do.  Your strength
 > and dedication to fight for the right of children and family can
 > only come from God.  God bless you brother.  James

--- Aarde V. Atheian <>

 > Despite that I am repelled by your religiosity as I am an Athean who
 > does not relate to any religion, I am both applauding and admiring
 > your persistence and perseverance in resisting this unspeakable
 > crimes against humanity that has been perpetrated by the Democratic
 > Party and its cohort groups of lawyers, bureaucrats and feminists
 > upon us.

 > It doesn't matter if we win at all. Our enemy is so evil and so
 > incontrovertibly mean that the mere struggle against it is justified
 > any time you do it. So it's always been a bravo from me to you. We
 > don't need worldly rewards for what we are doing.

--- Bonnie Bridgette Vallance <>

 > Dear John, I can't make it and I am sorry.  My heartfelt thanks goes
 > out to you for your efforts to raise the bar of credibility in
 > family courts above the level of spectral evidence that is currently
 > the status quo. My hopes are that accountability is also included
 > toward any fabricators. For example psychologists  fabricate and
 > weave spectral stories to keep a parent from their own child. There
 > are too many people making a lot of money instituting misery on
 > children and one or more of their parents. This is what are taxes
 > are going to!   Right know as you may know lawyers and other alleged
 > professionals are immune from prosecution in family court even if
 > they knowingly present false information to a judge so that a parent
 > can be kept from their child. These children are simply pawns in a
 > system that is broken and needs repair. It is my hope that your
 > efforts in behalf of these families and children are finally
 > completed.  The parent that lies and forces there child to lie to
 > win payments from the "non custodial parent" are almost never
 > prosecuted for perjury. Parents  or relatives that kidnap a child
 > when young and inflict Stockholm or parental alienation syndrome
 > should  not be rewarded with custody as is the current practice in
 > many jurisdictions. Both parents should be given access based on age
 > appropriateness following the guidelines as put forth by
 > Dr. Brazelton in his Irreducible needs of the child. Contact and an
 > ongoing relationship should be encouraged and supported by the
 > system. Income level of a parent should not be used as a determining
 > factor in custody what should be is the amount of time and devotion
 > the parent is willing to expend in the care of the child. The system
 > is in dire need of immediate overhaul many families are being
 > damaged and many children are growing up with severe emotional
 > difficulties because of the set up. Supplementation to facilitate
 > relations with in the family needs to be instituted. Travel and
 > other vouchers need to be included. Cost of have a relationship with
 > your child should not be put upon a parent in a lower income bracket
 > to make it impossible to see their child. Parents being lied about
 > have reported being charged thousands to see there child and to pay
 > court appointed evaluators when they are unemployed some even within
 > weeks of giving birth for not apparent sound reason other than
 > speculative false information. The family court  system is
 > instituting family crisis.  If there is anything I can do let me
 > know.  Unfortunately I have obligations and can't attend in
 > person. However I will be there in my heart.  God Bless you and
 > thank you.

A Kid's Right to Both Parents!
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