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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Tue Apr 15 2008 - 10:22:23 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

It's been a little quiet on our list the last few weeks.  After
getting released from jail last month its taken a while to catch up
with my personal life, work, and answering a lot of your email.  If
you tried to contact me and haven't gotten a reply -- then please send
your message again.  My great thanks to those who wrote to either the
Judge or Sen. Clinton.  A special thanks to those who made donations
to help with the cost of my actions.  
(background: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/clinton)

Writing with Chalk - it doesn't work!
Well, it's hard to disagree with that one.  Has writing "I LOVE YOU"
to our kids in chalk (and the sacrifice it represents) gotten us a
meeting with Sen. Clinton?  No.  Gotten our rights recognized? No.

Of course, I guess you could say that about almost everything we've

Have public rallies made reform a reality?  No.
Have on-line petitions made reform a reality? No.
Have letter writing campaigns made reform a reality? No.
Have lobbying efforts with our legislators made it happen? No.
(add your method here)

Does this mean we should stop these efforts?  No.

Future Plans 
Here are just some brief ideas.  More details will follow in the
future and your input AND help is welcome! 

1. At present we are a loose group of people spread over the Internet.
Our mailing list is large, but we are not cohesive in our goals and
methods for reform.  People come & go and a lot of time is spent

I have access to a complete social networking software package
that can be tied into our web site.  It can also be modified to
meet our needs.  I hope to announce the site next month and have
people join the network who share our goals and methods:

2. Donations.  Right now the focus of the effort is Sen. Clinton
Offices in Syracuse.  Some local advertising for group meetings might
be effective in getting parents together. I'm paying a $350 fine the
Federal Magistrate imposed and also $200 to get a transcript of my
trial proceedings (not for an appeal, but to share with the group.
The focus of the trial was my 'intent' and there was a lot of
testimony regarding our goals and methods as reformers that may be

3. Washington, D.C., Rally, Aug 15-17.  If you only have a chance to
do ONE thing for reform, I highly recommend attending this rally.  It
was an excellent event last year and more people are hoped for this
year.  It is a great opportunity to meet people in person who you only
know now via email.  Check out the web site:
http://www.DCRally2008.com/ for details.

4. More chalk of "SEN CLINTON HELP US" outside the Syracuse Fed.
Building in late August/early September -- hopefully with MORE
parents. http://www.AKidsRight.Org/clinton

Faith & Action
I want to thank Debra Root <dusty6873@yahoo.com> for a message she
sent me below.  There are many methods for reform, but OUR method,
that of NonViolent Action requires voluntary and loving personal
sacrifice. http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil.htm

> I am delighted that you were released in time to see your son.  You
> have sacrificed so much for parents like me who have suffered so
> much at the hands of "justice."  I do not pray anymore but you are
> in my thoughts. -- Debra

Faith is a difficult thing and I appreciate what you say about not
praying any more.  I certainly had my moments waking up every morning
in jail and wondering -- does any of this matter?  Who cares?

I can only share my 'foundation' -- which is a strong admiration for
Jesus of Nazareth, the real person, who was willing to die for what he
believed in -- and a GREAT part of his belief was that we have a
loving father who cares for us very much and that learning to love
opens the door to eternal life.

As you know, a lot of people 'talk', but very few people 'do'.  I am
thankful for what he was willing to suffer and my small acts are a way
of honoring him and showing I also believe.


--- Meghan Schooler <skissime@yahoo.com>

> I am so happy that you got to be with Dom for Easter.  He is lucky
> he got to be with you.  I hope things are well.

... Dom and I had a great time together last week and we are very
fortunate!  Things are great -- it's nice to be free again!

--- Rick <rp@heybroek.wanadoo.co.uk>

> Congratulations on your principled stand and courageous protest.  I hope you
> have a happy contact visit from the 21st.

Thanks for the words of support!  My son and I did have a very nice
time over the Easter break.

--- John Sottile <fredsottile@sbcglobal.net>

> letter sent.

--- <basker@cox.net>

> [a] Jesus luvs you - everbody else thinks your ASSHOLE - don't fuk
> with federal judges

> [b] Get the laws changed to allow DEMAND Jury Trials for every case
> where parental rights are threatened to be terminated.

> [c] WAKE UP SMUCK - ! you could raise enough money to get this
> started in every state and actually do it and be able to live with
> financial dignity while doin it !!!!!!!!!

> [e] "Become the change you want": Ghandi Ji or keep on likin your
> wounds with bull shit ListServe postings and chalk wring on the
> sidewalks of federal courthouses and getting locked up - Jesus YU

> [F] WAKE UP moron: Jesus said: Suffer the little children, and
> forbid them not, to come to me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven

> You're being just another KNUCLE HEAD in jail don't work with that
> one putz !

Thanks for writing, I think? But next time, don't repress your
feelings so much and tell me what you really think?  Actually, please
read the web site. I actually agree with most of the concepts you talk
about and they are at the site, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil.htm --
we just need more people to actually take action. I'd welcome your
thoughts on what you plan on personally doing to bring about reform.

(no reply)

--- Eric Washington <helpkop@att.net>

> John why don't you go to the TV Stations? Get this televised so that
> people can see how ridiculous this Judge is for flaunting his abuse
> of power and authority. What you did is not a criminal act. You're
> exercising your 1st amendment right and freedom of speech. Their is
> also another avenue you can go. Contact the Court of Judicial
> Misconduct, which oversee Judges and Magistrates who over step their
> bounds. This is where you file your complaint about his conduct
> being arbitrary and capricious, as no violation of law has
> transpired.

... more participation is needed from other parents.  No one had time
to come to the trial.

--- Lorraine c <cosmicmayte@yahoo.com>

> John-I am happy you are out of jail and with your son!  I spent the
> weekend with mine but it always ends the same @ 7 pm on Sunday.  I
> have not heard what your plans or your next move is but I hope it
> will be with you staying out of jail.

Dom and I had a great time last week and we are very fortunate!  Sorry
to hear about your situation, it is an indignity.

I will be taking it 'easy' through July because I do want to see my
son for our six week summer vacation and attend the DCRally2008.Com
event in mid August.  But after that I will be back to the Federal
Building and hopefully with a few more parents with me.

--- Bob Green <beegees414@yahoo.com>

> Send the news release to the Obama campaign!  If he uses your story
> as a political tool to show that Hillary does not really care about
> loving fathers and children (which she doesn't), you just might make
> it onto the major networks.

Thanks for the suggestion and it makes a lot of sense.  Finding out
'who' to contact is the difficult part.  If you have any time and can
pass the info on to them, it could be a big help.

--- "Gregory Langstrand" <gregorysdad@msn.com>

> 350.00 fine for chalking??!!  Car thieves in NYC plead their
> felonies to disorderly conduct and pay a $250.00 fine. Great legal
> system we have in Amerika.  Are you accepting donations to help
> offset that fine? Best of luck to you John.

--- Leszek Forczek <CasseStar@aol.com>

> We find it hard to imagine and impossible to believe that the
> Founding Fathers of this nation, would not roll in their graves if
> they knew to what extent the liberty of the American Family in its
> right to raise their children as best they understand and can has
> been imposed upon by the Government.  Would they ever believe that
> somehow the Constitution of this great country has backfired in the
> face of thousands of good and law-abiding citizens... who happen to
> be at the same time devote and loving parents. A perfect example of
> the statement of how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts
> absolutely.  Immunity and the lack of oversight in the area of family
> law, has left a deep scar across the fact of American society and
> perhaps a grave cancer whose bottom-line is yet to emerge.

Thanks for writing and I quite agree with how are founding fathers
would feel about the 'gratuitous' intrusion on government into family
life; however, I think they (people who signed the Declaration of
Independence knowing they could be killed for 'treason') -- would be
surprised by how passively parents have allowed their children to be
taken and how unwilling we are to make personal sacrifice for what we
believe in?

I always ask people, what action are you willing to take to make
reform a reality?  What sacrifices are you willing to make right now?

(no reply)

--- Nora Renzulli <oum777@aol.com>

> I respect and support you.  It is not easy to operate in a way so
> contrary to the ways of our culture.

> Is there any chance you have studied the process of Nonviolent
> Communication of Marshall Rosenberg.
> I believe that parents such as ourselves need to learn practical
> spirituality in order to implement a different way of being within
> the huge paradigm shift Jesus and other spiritual giants tried to
> teach a nonviolent way so that we can communicate with others in way
> that contributes to meeting the unmet needs of all for peace and
> connection.

I have looked at NonViolent Action through history,
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil.htm -- and how it applies to Civil
Rights.  It appears to be very effective, but requires personal
sacrifice -- which is always a tough sell.

--- F Cottone <koolbiker1@yahoo.com>

> HI John, Happy Easter and God Bless you. I was thinking we should
> get pastors involved in this since this is a abomination against
> God. You don't deserve this and I really feel God is going to honor
> our cause. I would like to plan a rally sometime in the summer if
> possible. You are on my heart and I make many people aware of your
> situation. The problem is we are weak in numbers so pray hard to God
> for help we need it.

I do agree with you 100% that the family law system in a gross affront
to our human dignity and the sanctity of the family unit.  I am very
hopeful that things can change soon. It only requires a few more
people to get involved.

--- Arte Miastkowski <arte_miastkowski@yahoo.com>

> It's too bad John you do not want support in the courtroom or any
> where else for that matter from fellow FATHERS and MOTHERS who are
> proud to wear shirts on their chest that proclaim the word FATHER
> and have suffered abuse from the same illegal anti Constitutional
> system you are currently submitting yourself and son to. I wish you,
> your son the Monks in Burma and Tibet well. We have had this
> discussion before. We F4J where their for you at your first sentence
> as you hunger struck from the US and our Canadian brothers AND
> sisters as well.

>   -arte
>   Mary and Pauls Dad

We have talked about this before.  We are looking to get "PARENT'S"
rights recognized and protected, MOTHERS & FATHERS.  The Blacks were
not for "BLACK" rights, but basic CIVIL rights.  

It's part of our identity as a movement and time will tell where the
best focus should be.

(Arte replies)

> You know I hold you in the utmost respect.  We too are looking to
> get "PARENT'S" rights recognized and protected, MOTHERS & FATHERS.
> F4J FATHERS are not for "FATHERS" rights, but EQUAL CIVIL and most
> importantly CHILDRENS rights.
> It's part of our identity as a majority of NCPs.

--- A Forum Cowgirl <hotlava1966@yahoo.com>

> Those paragraphs make me real mad. I'm in family court, I fought for
> over a year and a half to stop the Gestapo from adopting off my
> grandchildren. who by the way, lived with me. They wrote me off the
> paper as if this was never the case.

Sorry to hear about your situation and 'social services' are just like
the Nazis at times in their control over family life.  Change is
difficult and requires sacrifice, but I am hopeful more folks will get
involved soon.

---  Jim Pleace <jpleace@yahoo.com>

> God knows I support you and believe in what you're doing, but do you
> REALLY think you're going to reach MS. Clinton?? Man, it's all done
> at the State level. I can't even muster a fight any more but I know
> it's there. Join Greg Fischer in Brooklyn lobbying at the State
> level. I understand your approach, but you are harming yourself and
> not getting to see Dom in the process. Please tell me what this is
> accomplishing. Trying to change Ms. Clinton is like me standing
> outside the TN legislature trying to influence Mary Frances Lyle of
> the all powerful womens political caucus (note the LACK of caps
> there). Please John, we need you free and alive.

Thanks for writing and I have been to Albany with Greg for the last
3-4 years -- that has been ineffective.  Civil rights are 'defined' by
the sacrifices we are willing to make to gain them -- we need to start

--- <thomas.conway@themadnucleus.com>

> Thanks for all your efforts and your dedication. As you know many of us
> are all behind you and I find it difficult to ask a favor of a man who
> risks so much for our movement, but I suppose we must all help each other.
> I know you have a considerable base of subscribers, I wonder if you could
> suggest that they join our (Equal Parenting Party) news letter as well.
> This can be done simply by clicking this link
> http://equalparentingparty.com/phplist/?p=subscribe&id=1
> Or by visiting our home web page (www.equalparentingparty.com) and
> clicking the Join Newsletter button.

I have no problem mentioning the Party in an upcoming list message.  I
did go to the site.  EQUAL parenting should be the ideal, but I was a
bit disappointed to read the proposed resolution and see it only talk
about 'joint' custody with 'protections'.  Is this your goal?

(Thomas replies)

> Not sure where you saw Joint Custody with "Protections" but the goal
> of the party is clearly shared parenting, or equal parenting.  As
> usual - the best to all your efforts - clearly they have made a huge
> difference.

--- Richar Farr <richar_farr@yahoo.com> http://www.KRightsRadio.net/

> Senator Hillary Clinton,
> As I review your record I cannot understand why you have not sought
> the help of Non-Custodial Parents to bring about a greater well
> being for American Families.  They are over 25 million and growing
> in numbers everyday.
> They burn with the desire for a real change. They won't be silent
> and they are become more organized each day. These good Americans
> who have been victimized by the American family court system are not
> going to stay silent any longer.
> Why have you been silent towards their calls, Senator Clinton? As
> you are now. Please tell us Senator Clinton why do you not embrace a
> parent who simply wrote their child's name in chalk on an sidewalk
> in front of your office. Just a voter asking you for help.  Why did
> you allow his arrest.  why have you not spoken up for someone who
> speaks up for the family. You say the family is a primary issue for
> you.
> Senator Clinton, today at this moment, John Murtari sits in a New
> York jail for writing the name of his son and the phrase "Help Us
> Senator Clinton", in washable chalk. It makes no sense. Where is
> there proof of your family importance in the matter of John Murtari.
> How can it be. Misplace of values and a hunger for power? Senator
> Clinton, hear from 25 million non custodial parents who say you are
> not our kind of choice. Non custodial parents and their extended
> families will turn away from your bid for president. Until you turn
> towards hearing the voice of parents like John Murtari. An American
> Hero!

--- George <latvian3@juno.com>

> I don't have it as bad as you and I admire your taking a stand, not
> for you, but for your child.
> Out of respect for your time, stop screwing around with Hillary. She
> is a Communist at heart.  She might call it progressive, liberal,
> whatever, but if she had it her way, all children would be required
> to go to school at 3 years of age, AND be able to turn their parents
> in to the government, for any reason.

> She can only vote for legislation on a national level anyway. You
> would have more of a chance with Joe Bruno, who controls whatever is
> voted upon in New York. Also your State Senator and Assemblyman.
> Maybe you already tried them, but continue to do so. They are your
> best shot, not Clinton and Schumer.  I'm only sticking my neck out
> because I empathize with you. You might get mad at me. I will take
> that chance. Good luck and may the Lord be with you every step.

I really don't think our problem is "Hillary", and I have also been
involved in 'lobbying' at the state level and my local reps -- they
don't want to get involved in family law reform.  It is a
'threatening' change.

As on rep frankly expressed it to me, "John, there needs to be a 'sea
change' in public opinion before any of this will happen."

I think you know no one else has stood with me and no one even had
time to come to trial and show support -- too far away, too busy,
working on other things....  Before we can expect others to support
us, we need to show that we really care ourselves.  The big 'traitor'
to our cause is usually staring at us in the mirror?

I do have the Faith that it will happen in time, the same way the 'sea
change' occurred about 50 years ago regarding segregation. I always ask
people what 'actions' are you as an individual willing to do right now
to make reform happen?  What sacrifices are you willing to make? I
don't get a lot of answers.  How can we expect more from the
politicians who have never been through it.

(George replies)

> Your absolutely right!  Reform starts with ourselves.  I just saw
> Clinton's name on alot of your emails and wanted to tell you, she is
> not even a small part of the solution.  She will say whatever she
> needs to you to get your vote (more than most). I hope that fathers
> don't give up on seeing their children, no matter what it costs. I
> was lucky in a way, because my ex (I think) saw that I would do what
> ever, to see my son.  She gave up on the controlling. I know other
> mothers will hold out to the bitter end (age 18) to make life
> miserable for the father, and at the same time the child. I hope
> this doesn't happen to you.

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