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From: John Murtari (
Date: Fri May 09 2008 - 07:05:43 EDT

Good People & People of Faith:

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0. Last Multi-post on Yahoogroups - sign up.
1. Mother's Day - Michigan picket
2. Support the Movie - PREMIER Showing!
3. Equal Parents Party - May 29, meeting Manhattan

0. Last Multi-post on Yahoogroups - sign up.
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1. Mother's Day - Michigan picket
[ We did not hear much on planned Mother's day events for this
weekend.  We do have one message below from Laura Smith in
Michigan -- please contact her if you are interested! ]

Submitted by:  Laura Smith <>

We Picketed Cass County Family Court and DHS [on May 1st] for 2 hours,
there were 4 of us me, my fiance Jim, Lary Holand, and his friend.I
will be out there on the main corner in Cassopolis on Mothers Day. I
will plan a time if any one wants to join me. Right now its just gonna
be me. My fiance will be at his mothers house. I have five kids in
foster care and they are getting ready to try to terminate my
rights. I will be out there. I will bring my very big sign and walking
with sign if I want to change up. I will be there before church till
after at least. Email me if anyone wants to meet somewhere, or needs
anything- directions- whatever?--- Laura Smith

2. Support the Movie - PREMIER Showing!
[ Our last message talked about this important movie and how we can all
help promote it, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/archive/archive2008/0015.html 
The premier screening will be in a few weeks in California, details
below.  If you have family & friends who "don't get it" and "don't
understand" what you have been through as a parent -- BRING THEM TO

Submitted by: Marcy Ganz <>


The Premier Screening of SUPPORT? SYSTEM DOWN, Saturday, May 17, 2008
at Ultra Star Cinema at the Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar, California

SAN DIEGO, CA, May 1, 2008 /CRISPE (Children's Rights Initiative for
Sharing Parents Equally)/ -- and AGINELO Productions. Making
'Support? System Down' the latest film from producer and filmmaker
Angelo Lobo, was a long and intensely personal experience of making a
documentary on a broken family court system that betrays families and
destroys children for federal incentives greed. Worst of all,
military and struggling working families are impacted most.


WHO: SUPPORT? SYSTEM DOWN cast members Angelo Lobo (writer/producer),
Larry Kerkman President CRISPE, Harry Crouch President NCFM, Kevin
Polis Esq., John Murtari, CA Senator Bill Marrow, Dr. Jane Major,
Glenn Sacks, LT Gary USN, Judge Sean Finn, Dr. Stephen Walker, Dr.
Robert Palumbo, Jeffrey Schuster, Stanley Prowse, Taron James,
Elizabeth Schnee, Teri Stoddard, Vicki Greene Attorney for Alec
Baldwin, Andrew Smith, Ed Vallejo, Chris Encina, Donald Wilson Senate
Veterans Affairs, Claire Bindoy, Kenneth Rohling, Chief Magistrate
Peter Passidomo, Former NOW President Karen DeCrow, Stanley Thorne,
Jim Loose, Jorge Blanco, Michael McCormick President ACFC, Solange
Grey, Judge George A. Collins, Claudio Desousa, Judge Patricia
Hartline, Marie Astor, Mary Huang, Maria Tortorelli, Vincent Dunn,
Daniel Velasquez, and others.

WHERE: Ultra Star Cinema, Flower Hill Mall
 2630 Via De La Valle (exit off I-5)
 Del Mar, CA 92014

WHEN: Saturday, May 17, 2008 5:00 PM Press Call Time, 5:30 PM
Introduce, Cast 6:00 PM Film Begins, 7:30 PM Cast & Crew Mingle, 8:30
PM End of Event 

HOW: Tickets cost $10 and are available at the CRISPE office on 932 C
Street San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 233-4773. Seats are limited get your
tickets immediately.

The film premier is sponsored by ,, and John van
Doorn. The website contains film
synopsis and trailers. Please check back for updates.

For interviews contact:
Marcy Ganz, Public Relations Specialist
(888) 827-4773 

3. Equal Parents Party - May 29, meeting Manhattan
Submitted by: Stuart Meltzer, Esq. <>

On May 29, 2008 we invite everyone from all like minded children's
organizations, shared parenting and civil rights organizations,
leaders, members, husbands, wives, kids, students, dentists, lawyers,
postal workers, city workers, union members, craftspeople, any and all
to socialize and have fun with members of the Equal Parenting Party
for tex/mex dinner, drinks and open symposium with microphone for
anyone who wishes to speak and express their views (5 minutes or less
for each speaker). This opportunity will take place from 6-9pm.

We will be sending out formal invites to all via mail, email, text
message and telephone.  

Please provide us with your address and/or contact information even if
you think we have it. I encourage all to post this information for
supporters to see.

We are all getting together from the many good organizations fighting
for Family Law reform and civil rights in order to network, coordinate
efforts, political campaigning and business.

There will be an admission fee which includes dinner. Half of your fee
will be used as a donation to the Equal Parenting Party so we may
support candidates this coming election cycle. Your donation is not
tax deductible. We encourage anyone who know of candidates supportive
of shared parenting and reform to please come and speak.


I look forward to seeing everyone on 5/29 starting around 6pm at the
Rodeo Bar in Manhattan. The food, drink and atmosphere is fun. Live
bands start after 9pm.

                                       John Murtari
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