'Support? SYSTEM DOWN' - Review & another showing in NY!

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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Fri Aug 01 2008 - 20:40:06 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

1. Support? SYSTEM DOWN - review of Premier
2. Support? SYSTEM DOWN - Aug 13th showing in New York!
3. Support? SYSTEM DOWN - cast list.

This message is dedicated to info about the Family Rights Movie,
"Support? SYSTEM DOWN".  If you haven't heard about it you can learn
more and see trailers at: http://www.SupportTheMovie.com/

Below we have a review of its premier in California and details about
a showing scheduled in New York for August 13th.  The Producer,
Mr. Angelo Lobo, would also like to do another showing around that
same date in Syracuse, but expenses are prohibitive.  He would welcome
any contributions members are willing to make so the Movie can be
shown.  If you can help out please contact him immediately this
weekend or Monday by either email (info@SupportTheMovie.com) or toll
free at 888-881-3118.

I've had the chance to meet Angelo on several occasions and he is
really dedicated to this film.  He traveled to the DC Rally last
summer and impressed everyone with his sincerity. He has certainly
done his part and hopefully we can all pitch in with some support for
getting the movie shown.  IT HELPS TELLS PEOPLE OUR STORY...

1. Support? SYSTEM DOWN - review of Premier
We asked for reviews and got a pretty good description from Fred
Sottile <fredsottile@sbcglobal.net>:

    'I attended Angelo Lobo's premier of his film "Support System
    Down" last Saturday evening. I say Angelo's film, but of course
    there were many contributors and it is their film too. Now it is
    our film. Before i get to the film itself let me set the
    scene. The theater had seating for 264 people. 220 tickets were
    sold and of course there were VIPs who took up most of the
    remaining seats. a packed house. The party before the show was
    hosted by CRISPE (Child's Rights Initiative for Sharing Parents
    Two couples who were just going to the movies were curious about
    the crowd and all the hoopla. They ended up changing their plans
    and watched Support? SYSTEM DOWN. After the film they were in
    shock. They said they had an unexpected evening that they will
    never forget...

    But you asked about the movie. well, the quality was flawless.
    Excellent editing, soundtrack and effects. But that's still not
    the question is it? The question is content. The movie is 68
    minutes long. Considering all of the stories we've all heard for
    so long. the movie is a tease. it could have been 1068
    minutes. There is no way you could "put it all" in one movie.

    Angelo and his friends have created a great thing. a must own. A
    must watch. A must promote. Does it say it all? There is no way it
    could. Does it do its job? Yes "and then some."  Anybody watching
    this film will leave the viewing saying, "yeah, and that's just
    the beginning." Thanks Angie.'

    Sincerely Fred Sottile,
    President F4JLA, member NCFMLA

2. Support? SYSTEM DOWN - Aug 13th showing in New York!
You're invited to a special screening of the Movie 'Support?'  in
Lyons (between Rochester and Syracuse), at the Ohmann Theater
(recently restored), 7 PM, Wednesday, August 13th.  It's a documentary
and I'm (John Murtari) in one of the segments talking about what
happened in Family Court to my son Domenic and I.  I'd be happy to see
you there and you're welcome to invite anyone else you know (it's open
to the public).

I'm coordinator for this group, AKidsRight.Org, and many know of my
activism for Family Rights and the time I've spent in jail. This Movie
will give your friends a better understanding of the terrible
experiences many families go through. If you know people who have been
through a difficult divorce/separation OR have any teenage children
who need to realize how an 'unplanned child' can affect their lives --
this is the film!

I was interviewed in Jail during 2006. The Producer, Mr. Angelo Lobo,
is helping me do a special showing in my hometown.  Here's a quote
from him about the Movie and my small part in it (see the cast list
below, including the Attorney for Alec Baldwin):

   "Karen DeCrow (former President of NOW), who I believe is one of
   America's legendary feminist icon, will appear in the new
   documentary movie 'Support? System Down' expressing the views of
   millions of American this August 13th ...We have a serious problem
   of our families being torn apart by a broken system in Family

   John Murtari is a voice for the many non custodial parents who
   wanted to share their children equally. People will see why he not
   only went on a hunger strike for change, but also continues to
   peacefully protest for the rights of children to have both

You can see trailers at: http://www.SupportTheMovie.com/. 

Admission is $5.00 (and children 12 and under are FREE), we tried to
keep the cost down and still cover the expense of producing and
showing the film.  Directions:

SITE SEEING:  When you find Lyons on a map, just follow Rt-14 South
and you will see it travels next to one of the Finger Lakes.  Watkins
Glenn (a beautiful gorge is only about an hour away).  The drive goes
by many wineries and it can be a very pleasant afternoon!  Then just
drive up to Lyons for the Movie...

3. Support? SYSTEM DOWN - cast list.

Angelo Lobo (writer/producer), Larry Kerkman President CRISPE, Harry
Crouch President NCFM, Kevin Polis Esq.-CA, John Murtari-NY, CA
Senator Bill Marrow, Dr. Jane Major- Los Angeles, Glenn Sacks-Los
Angeles, LT Gary USN-San Diego, Judge Sean Finn-Texas, Dr. Stephen
Walker-NY, Dr. Robert Palumbo-NY, Jeffrey Schuster-San Diego, Stanley
Prowse-Attorney- CA, Taron James-US Navy, Elizabeth Schnee, Teri
Stoddard-Sacramento, Vicki Greene Attorney for Alec Baldwin, Andrew
Smith-NY, Ed Vallejo,Jr: AFJ-CA, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Vallejo, Sr-Los
Angeles, Chris Encina,
Mr. Donald Wilson Senate Veteran's Affairs, Claire Bindoy-US Air
Force, Kenneth Rohling-NY, Chief Magistrate Peter Passidomo-New York,
Former NOW President Karen DeCrow, Stanley Thorne-Attorney, Jim
Loose-Texas, Jorge Blanco, Michael McCormick President
ACFC-Washington, D.C, Solange Grey-NY, Judge George A. Collins-Texas,
Claudio Desousa-MA, Judge Patricia Hartline-Texas, Marie Astor, Mary
Huang-San Diego, Maria Tortorelli-Family Court Facilitator-Los
Angeles, Vincent Dunn-SD, Daniel Velasquez, and others.

                                       John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
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