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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Sun Aug 03 2008 - 09:53:16 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

There were a few questions and a concern regarding our recent message
on the movie, "Support? SYSTEM DOWN" -- that message is archived at:

Movie trailers: http://www.SupportTheMovie.Com/

Here are a few quick answers:

> I'm a bit concerned about a Movie that features a former President
> of NOW (Karen DeCrow)?

Ms. DeCrow was president of NOW from 1974-1977.  She disagrees with
the bias of the present family court system and supports two parent
involvement and shared parenting. You can go to Glenn Sack's website
for a nice background article with info about her:

> How do we set up for a local airing? What is needed?

You can just contact the producer, Mr. Angelo Lobo, directly by either
email (info@SupportTheMovie.com) or toll free at 888-881-3118.  Most
theaters will allow you to rent their facility for a reasonable rate
(and provide staff to take tickets, run the movie). 

You set the ticket prices and keep whatever is made and arrange some
sharing with the Producer.  The Movie is on DVD and could be shown
anywhere as a group fund-raiser, again, contact Angelo directly to
work out details.

Angelo is a very nice guy and I'm sure he will follow up with and
answer any questions you have.

> Are there to be any showings in California or is the movie available
> for purchase?

There was a showing in California a few months ago which we announced
on the list.  We'll try to announce any other showings.  It is not
available on DVD yet for purchase.  If you know of a group that wants
to show the movie it's fairly easy to do (see above).

Best regards!
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