Suspended license & driving to Court - could be jail?

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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org)
Date: Tue Aug 05 2008 - 13:35:23 EDT

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/Good People & People of Faith,/

What do you do when you get ticketed  (June 6th, 2008) for driving with 
a suspended license because of 'child support' and the Court is 20 miles 
from where you live?  How do you get there when you live alone and have 
no brothers or sisters?  I guess I will just drive there -- and send the 
DA, Judge, and County Sheriff a letter ahead of time so they know!  For 
more details on this and to read the letters, 

/I will be driving there today, at 6PM -- wish me luck and thanks for 
the prayers.  I'm really hoping nothing serious will happen, but you 
never know.  Many of you have had similar or worse license troubles 
because of 'support?'.   I have some friends in town and they would have 
been happy to drive me there, but that wouldn't solve anything - -just 
delay it!

/It's easy for us to blame the 'system' for the bad deals we have gotten 
and the pain we have gone through -- but let's not be mistaken about one 
thing: *everytime we go-along because it's convenient, we demonstrate 
our lack of Faith in what we believe in*!  I have talked about
segregation a lot, and make no mistake about it, everytime a Black 
quietly moved to the back of the bus they were contributing to their own 
indignity....// While I certainly believe that* "no one is above law";* 
we should also recognize that *"no one's dignity is beneath the law."*/

/Talking about 'rights' is one thing, 'doing' is another.  It's about 
1:30 as I write this and I wonder if I'll be coming home tonight?  I 
should be okay, but... you never know. How strong is my Faith -- not 
very.  I feel a LOT of anxiety -- I remember my last non-cooperation and 
being tube fed for four months.  I don't want tor repeat that again and 
maybe risk something worse happening!

/This has been a decision which wasn't easy. The traffic ticket for 
unlicensed operation came in June as I was driving my son Domenic home 
from the airport to start him summer vacation was due to a Child Support 
suspension <>. There wasn't even 
a traffic violation to cause the stop.  Dom's plane had been delayed and 
we were driving home at 2 in the morning -- went through the little town 
of Macedon, NY, and a local police just ran my plates on his car computer!/

/This had happened before three years ago in my hometown, click here for 
the details <> on 
that. * *I live in Wayne County and it's a rural area; without a car you 
just can't get anywhere, and my driving record is excellent (the last 
offense I had was a minor speeding ticket back in 1993!)./
/NonViolent Action <> ?  I think so. 
NonViolent action is much more than just 'niceness' and 
'non-cooperation' -- it is action. I'm willing (barely!) to step forward 
and say, if this is the law then I have been breaking it - prosecute me 
for I feel it is unjust.  It has required a lot of Faith to do this and 
I could very easily end up in jail. A disaster to my entire family.

Again, the details and background are at the links above.  I won't have 
time to answer any replies for now and will post updates at the web 
site, //http://www.AKidsRight.Org/support/traffic2_jm.htm

Best regards!

                                       John Murtari
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