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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sat Aug 09 2008 - 09:10:28 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

We'd like to spread the details on an event that started yesterday in
Canada -- when some Super Heroes Spiderman (Vi), Plywood Man (Mark
Bogan), and Mr. Incredible himself (Denis Van Decker), scaled the
constituency office of Jack Layton of the NDP at Broadview ave. and
Dundas street, Toronto .... unrolling a huge banner that read 'No
Dads Party"...... below you will find the report we received from Rob
Robinson, the Burnaby Batman, and then some web links to pictures and
news stories of the event.

Please contact Rob directly <> to show your
support or get more details. These parents took a great risk in this
peaceful effort and I have no doubt authorities may have
'intentionally' over-reacted by using a flash-grenade to end the
peaceful action.

This is not something all of us can do, but should be something all of
us can support.  We just need to put the focus on a few politicians
who find it convenient to ignore parental rights.  Some may say a few
'Super Heroes' don't have a lot of credibility -- but what happens
when more parents join them in unity and sacrifice?

NonViolent Action: voluntary & loving self-sacrifice to demonstrate
your belief in your 'right' is very effective,

--- Submitted by Burnaby Batman <>

   Greetings Liberators from Vancouver BC.  Today, August 08/08 , 6
   am, Fathers4Justice Canada Superheroes, Spiderman (Vi), Plywood Man
   (Mark Bogan), and Mr. Incredible himself (Denis Van Decker), scaled
   the constituency office of Jack Layton of the NDP at Broadview
   ave. and Dundas street, Toronto. After unrolling a huge banner that
   read 'No Dads Party", Plywood Man And Spidey made themselves
   comfortable while Mr. Incredible descended to the ground to watch
   over the superheroes who intend to stay on the roof in protest for
   4 days. It was not long after that many people began to gather to
   get a glimpse of our heroes who were occupying the roof to
   encourage NDP support of motion -483 and to spread our message of
   equality far and wide. Police also arrived in short order and were
   attempting to encourage our brave activists to end their protest.

   Shortly after lunch the ETF (Emergency Task Force) arrived to gain
   control of the situation. Mr.Incredible was soon after whisked away
   from gathering reporters and taken into custody. Spidey soon after
   descended to the ground and gave himself up. Plywood Man remained
   and continued in his protest with a police negotiator attempting to
   talk him down for 4 hours. I have been informed that at times there
   were 80 to 100 people gathered to witness the event as it
   unfolded. After 11 1/2 hours the protest was brought to a halt with
   the ETF releasing several flash bombs as a distraction, tackled
   plywood Man to the ground with a show of force, taking him into

   Our f4j Canada Ontario team members rocked today folks and put a
   great deal of their hearts and soul into today's action. Each and
   everyone of them who participated and helped out deserve our up
   most gratitude. Bravo F4J Ontario, you Rock.  
   Our superheroes are currently being held overnight and are expected
   in court at 10;00 am August 09/08 - at 440 Young Street
   (Toronto). All Ontario supporters in our cause are encouraged to
   show their support by attending.  Your support is crucial. To all
   others I would humbly ask that you show your support by flooding
   the police station with your calls of support and by contacting you
   elected representatives and encouraging their support of motion -
   483 - 4 equal parenting. I have enclosed with this message as an
   attachment a letter to the Ontario police sent this evening by our
   vice president Hal Legere. The contact number for the police
   detachment is listed in this attachment.    

   Also this monumental action may now be viewed on our action site
   directly at -

   There are links to the many media coverage this action received as
   well.  I cannot begin to express how proud I am of these brave
   individuals and those that helped them.
   United In Spirit & Purpose - Rob Robinson - NAC - Fathers 4 Justice

Direct Media Links:

   [A great tag line used in several stories below - Ed] The group
   claims they will "tirelessly promote, every child's right to be
   raised by both parents on an equal basis in the event of separation
   and or divorce, and further believes that such equality in
   parenting has been clearly shown to be in the best interests of

Global News -

The Sudbury Star -

Toronto TV -
680 News -

Inside Toronto -

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