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From: John Murtari (
Date: Fri Aug 29 2008 - 16:19:48 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message is a summary of a dramatic F4J Canada Super Hero campaign
that started last week and is still underway. Compared to what is
(not) happening in the United States -- this is a very admirable
effort and shows a lot of dedication, team-work, and committment to an
EQUAL parenting goal.

I admire their focus on getting politicians to take a stand.  Here in
the United States we have a closely contested Presidential campaign.
We need mothers and fathers willing to sacrifice their freedom (as you
will read the folks in Canada did) -- to demonstrate how much they
love their kids!  As you read through the chronology below they did a
good job of getting press coverage and sending a positive message.

I don't have any more details than are displayed below.  If you have
any questions I encourage you to contact them directly and I'm sure
messages of support are welcome!

I certainly feel guilty for delaying some of my efforts to get Senator
Hillary R. Clinton to meet with parents because of work and money
pressures (especially in light of the sacrifices being made by the
folks in Canada).  I would love to have some other mothers & fathers
join me in writing "I LOVE YOU" to their kids with chalk on the ground
outside the building and risk arrest later in September.

Think what a powerful message it would be if other mothers & fathers
did similar actions outside the 'offices' of Senator Barack Obama
and John McCain during the campaign!  Let them know we want our
precious Civil Right recognized, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/approach.htm

Action in Canada - Dramatic Super Hero campaign!
What appears below is a collection of messages reporting on their
contact them directly via the links below.

For those Americans (and others) who may not be familiar with Canadian
government. Mr. Maurice Vellacott (MP - Member of Parliament) --
equivalent to our Member of Congress in the House of Representatives.

This begins with the oldest reports.

##### August 21, 2008 (Crusade to Support "Equal Parenting after Divorce")
--- submitted by Kris Titus <>

Cross Canada Crusade to Support "Equal Parenting after Divorce" - Next
stops Saskatoon w/Maurice Vellacott and Regina

Maurice Vellacott, M.P Saskatoon-Wanuskewin has tabled a Private Members
Motion (PMM-483)  which  proposes changes to the Federal Divorce Act to
enshrine "the principle of Equal Parenting After Divorce".

Fathers 4 Justice Canada (F4JCanada) has supported such legislative
changes since 2003 and believes that such change is long over-due.  To
educate and gather popular support from fellow Canadians for this
important legislative action, F4J Canada will be launching a
cross-country tour with the support and assistance from local groups
and company sponsors.  We invite all concerned Canadians to join with
us and make their support known and visible in spreading the message
that "the time has come to act".

F4J Canada's Everyday Superheroes Team will be at Diefenbaker Park in
Saskatoon, SK on August 22, @ 11AM, PHOTO OP with MP Maurice Vellacott
sponsor of M483 @ 12:30PM, SE corner of Ruth St and Henry Avenue. End 2PM
Children and adults will receive bracelets promoting truth, justice and
equality, temporary tattoos with a message about M483 and the opportunity
to have their picture taken with some of our now famous Everyday
Superheroes and the F4J Barney Mobile. Pre-addressed/postage paid postcards
will be available for all who want to support M483 and equal parenting.

The heroes will be visiting major cities across the nation - from
British Columbia to Newfoundland - during August and September.  Their
final destination is our Nation's Capital.  They plan on arriving in
Ottawa ON on or before October 7, to coincide with the earliest date
that the Honorable Maurice Vellacott's M.P may present PMM-483 in the
House of Commons.


##### August 24, 2008 (Batman and Robin climb Saskatchewan Legislature)
--- submitted by Kris Titus <>

Everyday Superheroes honor Saskatoon Dads wish by climbing
Saskatchewan Legislature Buildings for equal parenting rights.

Saskatchewan is the home of a very well known Everyday Superhero in
the fight for equal parental rights. Still known only as Saskatoon Dad
because of a publication ban surrounding his case, his story will not
be forgotten.

This well documented Saskatchewan case saw a father and son be denied
their rights to a relationship with each other, before the child was

F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada, who supported the Dad and his family
throughout the case, pay special tribute to this Everyday Superhero by
honoring one of his requests by climbing the Saskatchewan Legislative
Buildings located on Lakeshore Drive, Regina.

We hope this helps to drive the point home that parents must have
equality rights regarding their children and the time has come to act
to enshrine those rights in law.

Private Member Motion M483 first step in righting past wrongs.

The group has been promoting public support for equal parenting and
Private Member Motion M483 being introduced October 8th by MP Maurice
Vellacott and seconded by 17 other Members of Parliament to change the
divorce laws to presumptive equal parenting.

"Though this motion may ultimately reflect the will of Parliament that
parents should be equal, this action reflects the will of the people
that parents should be considered equal," says Kris Titus, National
Coordinator for F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada. "We are right now
considering any government or party that has previously shown
opposition instead of support for equal parenting as a potential
opportunity for non violent direct action. As parents we will do
whatever is peaceful and possible to promote equal parenting rights."

F4J will soon give all federal parliamentarians the opportunity to
make their "individual" as well as "party" positions on equal
parenting known through a Politician Watch questionnaire being
prepared by the group. The results from this questionnaire will be
published on their website for all Canadians to see where their MP
stands on this very important issue.

For the past 10 years, a majority of Canadians have supported equal
parenting as evidenced in separate public opinion polls. The time for
equal parenting is long overdue.

##### August 27, 2008  (Spiderman climbs again!)
--- submitted by Kris Titus <>

Spiderman climbs again!  Bayview Avenue SE of Bayview Village Mall, E
of Sheppard Avenue, Toronto

If you're thinking for every one they take down, there seems to be
another there to take his/her place, you're absolutely right.  F4J
Fathers 4 Justice Canada is prepared to continue their campaign to
keep their issue front and centre in politicians minds.
The need for equal parenting is seen in every aspect of our society,
and the need is great and immediate.
In Toronto, a known Liberal stronghold for the past 10 years since the
For the Sake of the Children report was released and Compas polls
showed an 80% support rate for 'shared' parenting, the pressure may be
"We want to know once and for all where the Liberals stand on equal
parenting." The group claims that Stephane Dion was recently able to
dodge these very important questions at a public event with Garth
Turner in Oakville, thanks to some empty promises by a Turner staffer.
"This type of tuck tail and run tactic by politicians, any politician,
is unacceptable and will be countered with what we do best, public
This action by F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada marks the 4th high level
action across the country in August, just a precursor and promise of
the groups commitment, despite extreme police pressure, to continue
their pressure tactics in a non-violent, direct manner.
The group recently had Batman and Robin pay a special tribute visit
atop the Saskatchewan Legislature buildings.
"The Duo were able to escape unscathed and we hope the same is true
for Spiderman today. We hope the police understand why we're here and
know we are doing what we have to do for the sake of our children."
Contact: Kris Titus, National Coordinator, On Site 1-888-345-2262
ext. 704

#### August 27, 2008  (Arrests made)
--- submitted by Burnaby Batman <>

Greetings everyone from Vancouver BC and a very tired Batman. 

This morning at 6:00 AM (Toronto time) the amazing Spiderman (Darcy
N) scaled a tower crane in downtown Toronto in protest and to support
M-483.  After remaining on the structure for one hour Spiderman
peacefully ended his protest and descended to the ground to be taken
into custody. Our National Coordinator and voice on the ground, Kris
Titus, has also been taken into custody and is currently being held at
the 33 division (police station) in Toronto.

   "Ever mindful of peace and good order, Spiderman (a.k.a Darcy
   Nogueira, 34, 2 daughters ) agreed to descend peacefully, and
   together with Kris Titus, Action spokesperson and F4J National
   Coordinator, our superheroes were taken away to Division 33 by the
   authorities with media in attendance."

Your assistance is greatly needed. Your calls can make a difference. I
would encourage all like minded individuals to contact the 33 division
Toronto police on behalf of our heroes, Darcy Nogueira and Kris
Titus. The number to the detective is - 416-808-3304 -

The number to the 33 division - general contact number - 416-808-3300.
Time to make a stand and show your support.   

I just finished watching the CTV Toronto news segment on the F4J
Canada protest this morning and all I can say is way to go. View the
same at:

#### August 28, 2008 (Arrest update)
--- submitted by Burnaby Batman <>

I still have had only a couple of hours sleep and have been working
feverishly to get the action site caught up. As it stands be sure to
refresh the main action page when visiting and all pages you visit on
the action site at

There have been some changes and more to follow as I get caught up.

As it stands the August 27/08 - Ontario - Spiderman crane action may
be viewed with news link with more to come as they are available at -  

This page may also be seen from the Ontario Actions Home Page and from
the new "Whats Happening Now Action Alerts Page"

Be Sure to pass this information on and enjoy.

Also now added to the action site - August 24/08 - Regina Saskatchewan
- Burnaby Batman & Robin QC scale the Saskatchewan Legislature
building in protest and in support of M - 483 - also honouring a
promise made to the Saskatoon Dad. This page which includes photos and
news coverage can be seen at -

Again pass this on and enjoy. When clicking on the news link be sure
to wait enough time to allow the embedded player to load. With my
computer this took about 1 minute or so. Also to come by tomorrow - The
BC Hulk Scales Crane in Vancouver - August 23/08 - having now acquired
the photos.

It has been a busy month so far folks and it is not over yet.

##### August 28, 2008 (Court appearance)
--- submitted by: "Denis Van Decker"

After much frantic scrambling and trying to notify other people I made
it down there with Robert Samery in time.  Actually there were a
number of people besides Kris and Darcy - only women ...they have a
separate room for female bail hearings.

Having said that they did bring Darcy through this court . I guess
since he was a co-accused.  He has been charged with B&E, Mischief
interfere, Common Nuisance and a new one . conspiracy to commit an
indictable offence.

The Crown (the same one that handled Mark Bogan's release) said that
she had consulted with senior members of her staff this morning (do
you get the feeling we are being targeted??) and considered this

She reiterated all of the emergency crews who were involved and the
concern for safety.  She also tried to question Darcy's father (who
was there as his surety) about whether construction crews had to be
sent home without pay or not . I really do not think this happened as
they were not there for that long.  But then she got into a request
for 24 hour supervision for Darcy.  For a time it was looking like he
might have to move in with his father rather than stay with his common
law wife and daughter.  But, after much wrangling and requestioning of
Darcy's father, they agreed that he could reside at his same home with
his common law wife as long as there was a signed letter from his
father agreeing to her supervision of his son.

In addition to standard terms he is also prohibited form associating
with anyone in F4J.

Then Kris was up.  But Robert Samery did not even get on the stand as
a discussion ensued as Robert could not guarantee 24 hour supervision.
Kris's husband Gary was there but Walter Fox did not want to bring him
forward as a surety.  The end result was that it was put down until
tomorrow and unfortunately Kris is in Jail for another night.

I have two theories about what was happening / what Walter was
thinking but neither of them do I want to post publicly.  I just hope
and pray that some good things happen in the next 18 hours so that
Kris will be sprung tomorrow morning.


#### August 29, 2008 (F4J Canada Action & Crusade Web Updates)
--- submitted by: Burnaby Batman <>

Greetings all from Vancouver BC.

Recent high profile actions by Fathers 4 Justice Canada may now be
accessed from our new "Whats Happening Now" page on the action web
site at -\

News clips along with news paper media etc. have also been added for
each action upon its page. These include - August 08/08 - Toronto
Ontario - Superheroes scale Jack Laytons office, August 23/08 -
Vancouver BC - BC Hulk scales crane, August 24/08 - Regina
Saskatchewan - Burnaby batman & Robin QC scale Legislature, August
27/08 - Toronto Ontario - Spiderman scales crane.

Also now updated - Cross Canada Crusade for equal parenting - Event
locations and media coverage. All locations visited can now be viewed
from this page at -

When viewing the video files for Saskatoon and Regina (high profile
action) be sure to allow a couple of minutes for the embedded file to

Best Wishes: Rob Robinson - National Action Coordinator - 
Fathers 4 Justice Canada - The Bat

--- submitted by: "Denis Van Decker"

SEPT 2/3 CROSS COUNTRY CRUSADE  for Equal Parenting and Support of PMM 483   


ORANGEVILLE:   Sept  2   8am

8AM - 8:15 AM.  The Team and the Purple F4J Barney Mobile will proceed East
on Broadway & John starting at Broadway & John and end at the Orangeville
Town  Hall at 8am.   All Equal parenting supporters are asked to join us at
Broadway & John at 7:50 am.    

COLLINGWOOD:   Sept  2   9:45 am

9:45AM - 10 AM.  The Team and the Purple F4J Barney Mobile will be
proceeding North on Hurontario starting at Hurontario & Hume and ending up
at the Collingwood Town  Hall.  All Equal parenting supporters are asked to
be at Hurontario & Hume at 9:40 am.    

OWEN SOUND:   Sept  2   11:30 am

11:30 AM - 11:50 AM.  The Team and the Purple F4J Barney Mobile will be
proceeding East on 10 Ave St. East  starting at St. George's Park then South
on 2nd Ave. East ending up at the Owen Sound City  Hall.    All Equal
parenting supporters are asked to join us at St. George's Park at 10 Ave St.
East  and 2nd Ave. East  at 11:25 am.    

PORT ELGIN:   Sept  2  1:15 pm

1:15 pm - 1:30 pm.  The Team and the Purple F4J Barney Mobile will be
proceeding South on Goderich St. starting at Goderich and Market St to Green
St then to the Town Hall.  All Equal parenting supporters are asked to be at
Goderich and Market at 1:10 pm.    

KINCARDINE:   Sept  2  2:15 pm

2:15 pm - 2:30 pm.  The Team and the Purple F4J Barney Mobile will be
proceeding South on Queen St. starting at  Durham and Queen St  then to
Malcom St. where they will stop for pictures and press.   All Equal
parenting supporters are asked to join us at Queen and Durham at 2:10 pm.

GODERICH:   Sept  2  3:45 pm

3:45 pm - 4:00 pm.  The Team and the Purple F4J Barney Mobile will be
proceeding around Court House Square for 1.5 times starting at the corner
East St. and ending at the Town Hall on West St. where they will stop for
pictures and press.   All Equal parenting supporters are asked to join us at
East St. and Court House Square  3:35 pm.    

SARNIA:   Sept  2  7:00 pm

6:45 pm - 8 pm -   The Team and the Purple F4J Barney Mobile will be
proceeding North on Front St. starting at Christina and Wellington at the
Library then to Front and ending up at the Northern Centennial Park Parking
Lot on Front St at 7 pm where they will stay for approximately an hour to
meet and take pictures with the public and press.    

PETROLIA:   Sept  3 12:30 pm

12:15 PM - 12:45 PM.   The Team and the Purple F4J Barney Mobile will be
proceeding East on Petrolia Line starting at Garfield & Petrolia Line and
ending at the Petrolia Town  Hall.  All Equal parenting supporters are asked
to be at Garfield & Petrolia Line at 12:15 PM.    

WALLACEBURG:   Sept  3  2:30 pm

2:15 PM - 2:45 PM.   The Team and the Purple F4J Barney Mobile will be
proceeding East on Dufferin St.  starting at 1st and Dufferin and ending up
at the Wallaceburg Town  Hall.    All Equal parenting supporters are asked
to join us at 1st and Dufferin at 2:15 PM.    

CHATHAM:   Sept  3  3:30 pm

3:15 PM - 3:45 PM.   The Team and the Purple F4J Barney Mobile will be
proceeding TBD   starting at TBD  and ending up at the Chatham City Hall.
All Equal parenting supporters are asked to join us at  TBD at 2:15 PM.    


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