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From: John Murtari (
Date: Wed Sep 17 2008 - 19:06:19 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on:
1. Support? SYSTEM DOWN - Showing in New York City this weekend.
2. F4J.US - New leadership and action.
3. Canadian Superheroes - legal update. Your support welcome!

1. "Support? SYSTEM DOWN" - Showing in New York City this weekend.
If you haven't had a chance to see it. "Our" movie is going to be
showing at a theater in New York City this weekend. I highly 
recommend you go and bring friends.  This movie is a real eye-opener
to friends and family who haven't experienced the 'system' first
hand.  It is at "The Millenium Film Workshop":

    September 19th at 5:00pm, Eastern
    September 20th at 3:00pm, Eastern
    Admission is $10.00 at the door.

    More information and a map to the theater:

A great News story was carried on the Wall Street Journal Digital
Network. Read the whole story at:{AE373888-4955-4C63-9263-46D0DC57C119}

Some excerpts follows:


LOS ANGELES, Sept 16, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Why do so many
people, including adult children of divorce and members of the
military, find themselves involved in family court or child support
proceedings? How does the family court/child support system affect
today's society and U.S. taxpayers?

   ... According to Angelo Lobo, "I agree that 'Divorce is ugly
   business.' I believe children want adequate time with both parents
   after a divorce or separation. It's unfair and cruel to children to
   send, even inadvertently, an erroneous message to them that their
   so-called "absent" fathers have abandoned them when this is not
   true. The majority of parents -- dads and moms -- want to be there
   and have a meaningful relationship and time with their children."

   ... "In a court system that routinely allows children "visits" of
   only 4 to 6 days per month with a loving noncustodial parent and
   thinks that's okay, it's clearly the system that's broken, not the
   parents who are struggling to remain a meaningful part of the
   children's lives after a divorce or separation. Too many children
   suffer from unnecessary, long periods of separation from parents,
   often fathers, after a family breakup. Society can correct this
   system. This film is meant to help raise awareness of the
   unfairness to children, families, taxpayers, and society and help
   point the way to a real and positive solution," said Lobo.

2. F4J.US - New leadership and action.

--- From F4J Yahoo group by "Brian"

> On the heals of a very successful DC Rally and Fathers-4-Justice US
> "Justice March" across Washington DC to the White House, Fathers-4-
> Justice US has made a strategic move to greatly strengthen it's
> ability to lead it's members and supporters to conduct high profile
> campaigns for equality in Family courts. The purpose is to be more
> effectively than ever before.

> At the request of many key F4J leaders and members John Fowler has
> been appointed as the Fathers-4-Justice National Coordinator of the
> United States.

> As a longtime outspoken advocate of family law reform John has never
> backed down from opposition and is committed to assuring Fathers-4-
> Justice US will takes its unique campaign to "heights" never before
> reached in the United States.

> In his new position John and a select team will plan and direct
> major high profile campaigns. John plans to lead by example by being
> on the front line with those willing to confront our opposition face
> to face on the street, in courthouses in the statehouses or wherever
> needed to assure the corrupt US family court system is exposed to
> the world.  Until now F4J has relied on local and state leaders to
> plan and execute small demonstrations and other actions. F4J
> believes it is the expectation of it's members and supporters that
> the national organization needs to provide more visible leadership
> and planning for executing high profile protests that will gain
> unprecedented national attention. They further believe the time is
> right to take this organization into the national spotlight and that
> John is the right person to lead this effort.

> John Fowler's position was created and appointed in a unanimous vote
> by the Fathers 4 Justice National Board of Directors.

> Do you think you have what it takes? John is looking for a "few good
> men" (or women) to join his elite high profile team. Those seriously
> interested in joining John's team can contact him
> John.fowler@fathers- or call him at 614-309-5572 

3. Canadian Superheroes - legal update.  Your support welcome!
Submitted by: "Kris Titus" <>

I really haven't posted much about being arrested and what we are
planning, until now.  As of right now, the decision is that 4 of the 5
of us in Toronto will go to trial. 2 of us are going to get jury

3 of our 5 activists charged will be represented by Walter Fox, 1 will
be severed from the case and represented by another lawyer, and I will
be representing myself.  This process will likely begin within the
next two weeks, even as early as next Friday.

We will be applying for a reduction in our restrictive bail
conditions.  As such, we would like to request as much court support
as possible in Toronto.

Although this will be a mere bail reduction hearing, it will be the
first time we are in court en masse and we will already be laying out
what our legal arguments are going to be. Transcripts are already
ordered from our first bail hearings, and once those are in we will
set the date.

I am letting everyone know now because we may only have 2-3 days
notice before the actual hearing takes place.  There is a need for
some legal fund-raising. If you would be interested in helping to raise
funds for our Legal Action Fund please contact me off-list.

We are greatly appreciative of the mountain of supportive emails we

Thank you all

                                       John Murtari
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