F-4-J, does it really mean Justice-4-Fathers!

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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Sun Oct 26 2008 - 21:17:32 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message is about one thing.  Who are we and what are we doing?
If you had 30 seconds to speak to a Presidential candidate what would
you say?  What's your sound bite?  Were your kid's taken by the other
parent, a relative, or 'child protective' services?  Is there a goal
that binds us together?

Some recent actions should raise some BIG questions for all of us.
Please be careful as you read this message.  I know Donald Tenn and
Paul Fisher (both mentioned below).  I certainly respect them and
admire their willingness to take action and sacrifice for what they
believe in. But, I'm beginning to really believe the emphasis on
"Justice for Fathers" is going to be a dead end and the attempt to
turn Men into another victim class is a waste and a distraction.  You?

Your FEEDBACK is welcome. If you write, please include your 30 second
sound bite AND what actions and sacrifices you are willing to make so
that 'sound bite' becomes reality.

1) Climbing a crane in Ohio by Donald Tenn and Paul Fisher -- their
banner "Stop the War on Fatherhood"...

# Probably half the members of AKidsRight.Org are moms who lost EQUAL
# custody of their kids-- what do you think, is that your banner?  It
# is NOT my banner.

2) Paul Fisher also had a chance to speak to Vice Presidential
candidate Sarah Palin, just a few words -- his request:

  I grabbed her hand and held it with both my hands. "Sarah, help us! 
  Please stand up for fathers and our rights to raise our children. We
  are being stripped of our children without due process, it is
  epidemic. This is major issue in this state, and effects nearly

# To all you Father's Rights folks: If you heard a mother who had lost
# her kids say, "Sarah, help us!  Please stand up for mothers and our
# rights to raise our children....."  You gonna go for that effort?

3) Protester vows to hang at judge's home  -- By Dan Evans, 28/09/2008

A FATHER's rights protester is planning to commit suicide by hanging
himself outside a judge's home...  The unidentified dad is said to be
suffering from terminal cancer and "has nothing to lose any more"

The 'martyr' for Real Fathers For Justice (RFFJ) spin-off of defunct
group Fathers 4 Justice is targeting the judge who denied him access to
his kids.

RFFJ campaign director Mike Kelly denied that the man' grim vow was a
crass publicity stunt. He said: "We are actively trying to persuade
him to take a different course of action.  He's doing it to force the
Government to discuss the problems with the family law system."

# The story above is in a class by itself. It captures the essence of
# the victim mentality -- it's all about me!  My life is ending
# anyway, but if I commit suicide on your front lawn I may be able to
# 'scar' you and your family for the rest of their lives (oh yeah, and
# encourage a discussion on reform)!!!!!  A 'martyr' was willing to
# die for their Faith -- this type of action is desperation and
# revenge.

# I don't know the Father involved and I feel bad for whatever he went
# through as a parent without rights at the hand of the system -- but
# any suicide for reform is insane and should be condemned as such.

Your thoughts & actions?
                                       John Murtari
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