Jail update - ups, downs, and why?

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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Tue Dec 02 2008 - 16:14:15 EST

                                                        Nov 28, 2008

Good People & People of Faith,

I'm writing this the day after Thanksgiving.  I'd like to give you a
few updates, and thoughts on the future.

On Tuesday, I talked to the Jail Administrator, Chief Barry Virts.  It
was a surprise when I heard him describe me as a bitter, self-centered
man.  He didn't know any of the details of what had happened to my
family or about any Civil Rights movement for parents.  (We need to
break through those stereotypes.)

We talked for a while and he was polite and genuinely listened to me.
He understood the analogy to asking a black man in th 50s to pay the
fine for trying to ride in the front of the bus.

His bottom line was the small jail couldn't support a feeding tube and
if I wanter to stay local I would have to eat or they would move me to
another 'facility' several hours away.

He also said I was making the county expend extra resources by my
noncooperation.  While being polite I let him know, "I should not be
here...I was pulled off the street...it's an injustice and indignity."
Any society where grave injustice exists is going to experience
'waste'-- the root problems need to be fixed.

My normal weight is about 155.  I was taken to the ER at a local
hospital on Wednesday.  My skin was 'tenting' and my weight was about
135--quite a diet plan!  Besides a lot of water, I got some better
nutrition than last time!  About four cans of Ensure, two cartons of
milk, and a cup of juice.  There was a simple roast beef sandwich and
even a small piece of peach pie.  For me it was certainly a
Thanksgiving feast and I was very thankful!

The jail psychiatrist certified me 'sane' and genuinely wished me well
with my efforts.  A high school friend of mine and his wife visited
me--it was great to see them.  They were happy to make some calls.
Getting letters here has also been great.


The time has been an emotional roller-coaster along with my weight!
I'm worried about my health and being 'recharged' at the ER--the food
and water are not in balance.

My attorney is trying to move my Court date up to next Wednesday
(Dec. 3) from Dec. 17th.  If that happens it will be due to your
calls!  I would plan on eating a couple of days prior (Monday morning)
since he is fairly confidant I should be released.  After all I
drank/ate Wednesday--I should be able to make it to Monday.

It would be a relief to get out.  Because it was unexpected this jail
time could have destroyed my small business.  I'm blessed to have two
good people there to keep things running.


Tell me about it!  It would make this a lot easier.  Come to think of
it, if I had paid all the 'support' money they wanted I would still
have a drivers license--I wouldn't even be in jail!  I had an
'assigned' counsel tell me, "John, just pay the money, you'll see your
son when he's 18."  Worth the trade?

When the Black Civil Rights movement was starting in the 50s--I'm sure
a lot of good people said, "John, don't make waves.  Move to the back
like they say.  You want to get your house burned down and find your
wife and kids living in the streets?"

Difficult decisions with no textbook answer.  Sever injustice that
generates anger and a desire for revenge from a sense of
hopelessness.  Some call for "fighting fire with fire" or an "eye for
an eye"--It has certainly worked well in the Middle East?

My answer, like I've said so many times before, Non-Violent Action,
loving self sacrifice, as demonstrated by Gandhi & King.  I have a
Bible in my cell and spend a lot of time praying for help and
guidance.  Yes, I pray the most to help my unbelief!  I get scared at
what could happen to my life...

Faith and Sacrifice, sounds great in theory, but a little tricky in
practice.  I've had many emotions, but not one regret.  I always acted
as I thought best for Domenic--that should not turn a parent into a

                                       John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org                "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
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