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From: John Murtari (
Date: Fri Dec 19 2008 - 15:55:34 EST

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1. "Taken into Custody" by Baskerville - GREAT BOOK!
2. "Support System Down" by Aginelo Productions - GREAT MOVIE!
3. What do we do next? - You're a Parent Notification Act

Many of us can't take 'action' to support the reform effort, but if
you have a few extra dollars this Christmas season, consider making a
small purchase of the book/movie. Show your support for those trying
to get the message of reform out to others.

1. "Taken into Custody" by Baskerville - GREAT BOOK!
We announced this book months ago.  Just search for the title at
Amazon.Com (looks like it's now available for just $16.47 new).  I'd
read part of the book before and liked it very much. Well, I finally
finished reading the whole book from cover-to-cover and I'm impressed!

Dr. Baskerville (a professor of Government with a Ph.D. in Political
Science at Patrick Henry College and an active participant in the
reform movement) has written a well researched and solid book.  I was
really struck by his feelings on family rights (from page 288):

      Yet ultimately it is the very nature of parenthood to declare to
      the world: "Your opinions about my children are of no
      consequence.  You do not love my children, and you are not
      responsible for them.  If your opinions about what is best for
      my children turn out to be wrong, it is my children and I who
      must live with the consequences, not you.  I am not required to
      conform to your opinions about what is best for my children, and
      I am not answerable to you for how I raise them."

The book has over 950 footnotes to solid references.  He is a scholar
and it shows in his work.  If you are looking for quotable facts and
the results of research -- this is your book! It will help anyone
understand how the current mess of a 'system' came to be.

2. "Support System Down" by Aginelo Productions - GREAT MOVIE!
[Below is another excellent tool to support the effort.  If you've had
a hard time explaining how bad the 'system' is -- this is a great DVD
to also show to family and friends and help them understand what you
have been through.]

Submitted by:
     Just a friendly reminder that our SNEAK PREVIEW DVD is now on
     sale and can be a useful tool for your next event or
     conference. Buy one today for your next reform meeting. Show it
     to your legislators or even your Judge to demonstrate the
     suffering and what is really happening to men and woman across
     the country today.

     This powerful and moving 30 Minute SNEAK PREVIEW of the upcoming
     New Documentary Feature Film Support? System Down is now yours to

     Help support the cause and move the film forward. Please click
     the link below to BUY-IT-NOW for Only $8.99!


3.  What do we do next? - You're a Parent Notification Act
We've had the Family Rights Act at the site for review,

As many of you who have contacted legislators know -- it is a big
step.  It would fully recognize and protect the basic Civil/Human
Right we all have to be parents to our own children, and for our
children to have BOTH parents in their lives.

Right now, even many parents don't think in terms of Civil Rights --
what can we expect of legislators?  Perhaps the introduction of a Law
(even at the State level), that directly addresses the concept of
equal notification in parenting might help? 

A "You're a Parent Notification Act" -- I think it's the first bill of
it's type to ever be proposed?


It get's rid of all the 'excuses' legislators have about not
supporting equal parenting legislation.  It asks a basic question,
"Without knowledge I can't even start the legal process to be a parent
to my child.  Don't I have a basic right to know I have a child?"

Obviously, in almost all cases a mother knows she is going to be
parent and this Act hopes to bring equality to fathers; however, as
science advances we may soon find the ability to take an 'egg' and
bring it to term -- and perhaps ignore the biological mother.

I've have met twice with my local State Assemblyman, Robert Oaks, and
he is hesitant to even introduce such a bill.  He was told he would
have 'political problems' with it.  He is a nice guy and I hope we can
take actions to show him he'll have 'political problems' by not
supporting it.

His website: 

One of his offices is in my hometown, Lyons, NY, located between
Rochester and Syracuse.  In the month of January it would be great to
get some moms and dads and have a small rally outside his offices.
Let me know if you are interested or you think you have a legislator
that might be interested!

But remember, our group goal is to ensure we are all considered Fit &
Equal parents.  The discussion of this Act would help not only
Fathers, but Mothers, and also those who have suffered from false
child abuse allegations.  Why?  It will get people thinking about
rights and how those rights should be recognized and protected.

                                       John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org                "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
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