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From: John Murtari (
Date: Mon Jan 25 2010 - 14:44:56 EST

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message has your FEEDBACK on the actions required for reform to
happen. Many parents would be willing to take public action if they
had others with them -- and that makes a lot of sense.

If you are ready to take action if you could only get some other
parents with you -- let me know and it can be broadcast to our list.
I'll be resuming my efforts tomorrow, anyone is welcome!

RECOMMENDATIONS: If the action involves more than one, please make it
a group of mothers AND fathers.  Focus on a specific politician that
has not been responsive to a presumption of FIT & EQUAL parents.
Family Rights involve not only divorce/separation, but also the
actions of Child "Protective" Services.  Have a clear goal. Consider
the "Declaration of Family Rights"

YOUR FEEDBACK -- some good thoughts on both sides of the issues.

--- Stuart Showalter <>

> Kick some a$$ John, with chalk in hand. 

--- William Wagener <>

> Until you get a mob of 100 or so... it won't matter much JOHN, there
> are 100s of 1000s of NCP locked up until after Christmas....


> it was intended for YOU as well.  And More OVER, your petition to
> your US Senators and even state Senators and assemblymen is totally
> wasted, sitting in Jail is a waist.

> You can chalk the sidewalk until HELL Freezes over, and you can sit
> in jail and starve... even to death... you fail to comprehend...

--- Carl Lanzisera <> Americans for Legal Reform

[A very motivated group located in the New York City area.]

> Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 2nd, 7pm, at the
> Plainview Library. Address: 999 Old Country Rd.  Plainview, NY 11803
> tel: 516-938-0077

--- Carl Lanzisera <> Americans for Legal Reform

[A very motivated group located in the New York City area.]

> Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 2nd, 7pm, at the
> Plainview Library. Address: 999 Old Country Rd.  Plainview, NY 11803
> tel: 516-938-0077

--- "Chris Fowler" <>

> Here are some effective thoughts:

> 1. We are ineffective because we are preaching to the choir, here.

> 2. We are ineffective because our message is not getting out and we
> are doing nothing to get it out effectively.

> 3. If we want to get our message out, we need to get on the news,
> but most news services don't care to cover these kinds of events, we
> get the news out by not telling them what the protest is about until
> one of us gets asked by a reporter, but "We" don't tell them; a
> designated spokesman at the protest does.

> Here is an idea, and it is up to all of us that are willing and able
> to make the time (how important is this issue to you) to
> participate.

> We need to hold a protest in front of the courthouse.  We do not
> impede anyone from access to/from the courthouse, we do not verbally
> or physically accost anyone at any time for any reason.

> We do this in the middle of the week, during the day, all day, with
> very specifically worded signs.  I say that we do this within the
> next couple of weeks and get as many people as possible to help on
> the day of the event.

> This plan will make noise, will get attention and can be effective
> if executed properly.  Anyone seriously interested, can contact me
> off list at

> Either we do this or we stay silent, like the Jews under the Nazis.

--- Ron <>

> My daughter's mother would not let me see my daughter so I wrote on
> the sidewalk in kids chalk I love you and miss you. I was later told
> that it is unlawful and would be arrested if I did it again. You
> can't write on the sidewalk. It's illegal. I was also told even I
> had a permit I could not protest. I think the best is to work
> through the legislative process. The other is to have the laws
> enforced and show how blatantly unfair they are. In the civil rights
> movement the concept was to show people how unlawful and brutal the
> laws were... However writing on the sidewalk may not be the best
> strategy. Non-violent passive resistance and non-compliance with
> family court orders in mass I repeat mass demonstrations would be
> more effective.The father's rights movement is young and growing so
> there is much reason for hope. Best

> I am giving serious consideration to going to Jail for contempt of
> court. I have consulted many people not one recommended jail time. I
> believe what the state and the federal government are doing is
> unconstitutional. The state does not have the right to supersede the
> natural rights of parents. 

You are 100% right about the unconstitutionality of what they are
doing.  Our most fundamental human right to raise & nurture our own
children is being violated.

Before you do anything, take a look at some of what I have done in the
past.  Just go to http://www.AKidsRight.Org/events.htm and start at
the bottom with what happened in 1999.  You don't want to go to jail
for 'contempt' -- you want it to be on your initiative as part of your
protest about what happened to you and your kids.  If you thumb your
noise at the judge or don't pay support and end up jailed -- people
will think you deserved it.

That is why the chalk, or walking into a public building and just
carry a picture of you and your kids is so effective.  Your motivation
is clear; also more likely to get media attention.

> I want to challenge the unconstitutionality of the process. I do
> like the idea of a hunger strike. However I think what I will do is
> try to get an attorney that will work with me along with a media
> campaign. I have kept up with your posts over the years. My greatest
> fear about going to Jail is the risk of getting raped,contracting
> aids or death.

Well, I had never been in jail before and I had a lot of worries.  I
was also former Military so I used to tough environments, but it
really wasn't that bad.  They are just people also and as long as you
have some common sense, it's pretty easy to stay out of trouble.

> The state has created an untenable situation. I don't understand why
> more fathers are not rioting in the streets. I have decided to take
> the path of passive not-violent resistance as why of effectuation
> change. I would like to hear your suggestions about going to
> jail. All of my attorneys have recommended against it. 

Nobody thinks what they do will matter.  I really encourage you to
read and think about the stuff at the site,

It really does take Faith in a loving God.  I pray a LOT when I am
in jail. I am NOT trying to convert you.  Some people believe, some
people don't.  If you don't believe, then I wouldn't recommend
anything I am talking about.  Just do the stuff you feel comfortable

> I have not been able to enforce my visitation. When my brother died
> of a massive heart attack my former wife thought I inherited money
> and told me she would not let me see my daughter until she received
> her share. She withheld my visitation for 8 consecutive months. The
> court did nothing. In total she has withheld about two and half
> years of visitation. I have a lot of horror stories to share with
> you. I had a child support warrant for my arrest that was issued
> after my case was closed. I was arrested and beaten by the police in
> front of my daughter until I was unconscious the police had to call
> an ambulance for me. I actually have all this on tape from their
> police car video. I am going to devote a lot of time to preparation
> before I make the decision to go to jail. I have to anticipate the
> courts response.They may not enforce the statute or the law if they
> know there will media attention. I look forward to hearing from
> you. Thanks.

VERY sorry to hear what happened.  It's the worse thing anyone should
have to go through.  Just don't give up hope and keep trying (but
don't fight fire with fire by lying and exaggerating).  Do everything
you can to keep in contact with your daughter.

I DO NOT recommend the hunger strike stuff (noncooperation -- I was
never trying to hurt myself, just wanted them to take care of me).  I
only have done that twice, and it was both situations where "they"
arrested me and threw me in jail. Once was for support, the other
driving.  Once they get you first, it is hard to get media attention.

All the many other times, I just did something simple to
provoke them (God knows it's easy enough to get arrested in this
country!) like I told you about in my first message.  But first I
wrote a letter to politicians asking to change the laws.  That way
I always brought up the politicians name (if they did not respond)
to my letter -- that can be very effective.

... again, you have got have Faith in loving Father who loves you as
much as you love your daughter. That is what go me through it (not
being cunning!).  I was never rude to anyone and was just lucky to get
some coverage.  A lot of times I don't get any.

--- robert williams <>

> I have been writing to glen beck and other news people about you and
> guess what no reply I guess we don't matter to them great job your
> my hero wish I lived close I would be right there for you.I did call
> Oaks and also wrote him has he done anything to like speak with you
> or anything. sincere thanks for taking the time to call and write.  I did
talk to his local staff and I think it may be having an effect.  I
have talked to him in person in the past.  He is a nice guy -- it just
hasn't happened to him, but I think he will listen.

--- Darrick <>

> We are the perfect victim, we don't have a lot of money to defend
> ourselves in court with well paid lawyers. We don't want to get into
> legal trouble with the law because we don't want to lose the time
> that we have with our children that we do have. We tend to fade away
> once our children are grown or we end up in jail or dead from
> depression and not giving a crap about life. How has your actions
> affected your time with your child? Do you think that an ex could
> use your civil disobedience to remove your time with your child? 

> Like I wrote before, I think it would be great if on Parent's Day,
> Mother's Day, Father's Day etc that people would individually decide
> to face the consequences of chalking the public sidewalk with
> parental rights messages. I will consider working with some others
> in Michigan to organize another rally at the state capitol building
> by getting a permit to be there.


> we need 2 coordinate a way 2 unite.Getting around the hurdle we live
> in different cities.Your passion for your children and
> equal parenting is amazing. My wish is that most parents who rights
> are being violated on any level@ all saw things as clear as u do,
> and a small or B.I.G sacrifice is more than worth it 4 this cause. 4
> goodness sake it's there children.They should be more than willing 2
> group together and demonstrate there disgust. p.s please keep being
> 1 of mine heroes and pay no mind 2 da haters. If they can't offer
> any constructive help ignore them.

--- sam ross <>

> I was wondering if maybe we can do this somewhere in DC as
> well...... Of course the info would have to be tight knit as there
> are moles and this would be something that may be seen as a threat
> or necessary to prevent....... I for one am absolutely for doing it
> on the capitol building steps/walls of the steps..... Do you know of
> anyone else trustworthy of being involved in this plan?? Do you
> think that this should/could be done??

I didn't quite understand all your concern about secrecy?  I think you
have noticed just about everything I have ever done has been published
on the web in advance?

This is just about taking a piece of chalk and writing a positive
message?  If you believed your actions alone could be meaningful, you
could walk out the door and do it right now?

Having more people is effective.  If you would like to coordinate
something in the DC area, let me know and I can put the message out
for folks to contact you.

But remember, this is NonViolent Action, take a look at this page,
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil.htm -- and let me know you agree?
Then I think we can move forward.


                                          John Murtari
Coordinator                              AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org           A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
(315) 944-0999(x-211)               http://www.AKidsRight.Org/

                                       John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org         A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
(315) 944-0999(x-211)             http://www.AKidsRight.Org/
A Kid's Right to Both Parents!
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