Murtari released early - thanks! / F4J Canada arrests on Bridge.

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Tue Feb 23 2010 - 14:16:50 EST

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Good People and People of Faith,

This message has info on two items:

1. Murtari released early - thanks!
2. F4J Canada update - going for Olympic Gold!

1. Murtari released early - thanks!
My sincere thanks for all of you who called/wrote local officials on
my behalf.  I was released around 10am and am now home!

I woke up in jail this morning and had been there since my arrest on
the 18th.  I wasn't due to return to Court until tomorrow, Feb 24th.
I was anxious and had resigned myself to staying at the jail for a
while since this was my 6th arrest and I don't post bail.

The "not knowing when I'll be free again" can be an emotional roller
coaster.  Not nearly as bad as the "not knowing if I'll be able to see
my kids" roller coaster most of us have been through in "family"
court.  That roller coaster always seems to run off the tracks!

The newsletter isn't about converting people on religion.  We each
hold our own personal beliefs.  Faith is an integral part of my taking
NonViolent Action and also for those who have chosen this path in the
past, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil.htm

Let me tell you, I do a lot of praying when I'm in jail!  I've had
negative FEEDBACK from those who say I'm wasting my time, taking the
wrong approach, barking up the wrong tree, etc...  You can believe I
think of each of those messages when I'm sitting in that concrete cell
during the night hours.

I pray to God for guidance, inspiration, and mercy -- and always
express my thanks for what Domenic and I have together.  No, I don't
hear any voices or anything dramatic.  Like many of you, at times I
wonder if anyone is listening.... but faith is not about "knowing", it
is about "believing".  So I keep trying...  I also thank God for the
surprise of being free right now.  For me, God is not some
philosophical construct, but a loving Father who hears his children,
cares about us, and can act in human events.

In the long jail hours I really haven't doubted the necessity of my
(and our) actions.  Every kind message of support from many of you
certainly affirms the value of NonViolent Action. 

Probably the biggest phone call I've had was from a Mother who thanked
me for what I was doing and giving her hope in the future.  Her son
had taken a ride on the "Family Law Roller Coaster" and it didn't
end well.  He was cutoff from the children he loved and committed
suicide.  She hoped it would never happen to anyone else...

Many times we pay lip service to the "Power of Love" -- well, I really
believe it. Quite honestly, when I started using kid's chalk a few
months ago, I never thought I would be free today.  As parents we are
gifted with probably the most powerful motivation there is -- the love
we have for our children.  But at times we are so timid, so afraid to
act on that love.  NonViolent Action gives us a proper channel.

Does anyone doubt that if we had a group of even three mothers &
fathers willing to chalk "I LOVE YOU" to their kids or "HELP FAMILY
RIGHTS" on the walls outside a politician's office -- that it could be
resisted?  What representative could risk seeing a group of loving
parents go on trial trying to get their attention?  That it would be a
be a big news story?

2. F4J Canada update - going for Olympic Gold!
[As always, the folks in F4J Canada have set the gold-standard on
consistent group action.  Several of them were arrested, charged with
"mischief", and released -- they have their first court appearance on
March 10th (including Rob Robinson, the Burnaby Batman!) Please show
them support!  Great pictures at the website. - John]

Submitted by: "Burnaby Batman"

Greetings everyone, the Lions Gate Bridge Action that occurred on
Feb. 17, 2010 in Vancouver BC during the Winter Olympics may now be
reviewed on the Action site directly at

There are many pictures, links to news coverage and a video clip from the
Outlook News on the North Shore - Enjoy. I have also included a couple of
more pictures with this message.

Cheers: Rob Robinson - NAC - Fathers 4 Justice Canada

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