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From: John Murtari (
Date: Fri Mar 05 2010 - 11:01:49 EST

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message has some general news & upcoming events.  If you have
something you would like mentioned, please complete:

1. Michigan Ballot Initiative - please help!
2. Tennessee Equal Parenting - The "Equal & Fair Parenting Act"
3. Shared parenting wording in Florida - a step forward.
4. Fighting Social Services in Florida - an active group.
5. Family Preservation Festival in DC - July 23-25, any others?
6. Upcoming Chicago Rally for reform - April 10th!
7. New York City Meeting - Americans for Legal Reform, March 24th.
8. California - nothing from the land of fruits & nuts?

If you have any questions regarding an event, please contact the
person associated with that message.  General FEEDBACK is always

1. Michigan Ballot Initiative - please help!
From:  "D" <>  http://www.AChildsRight.Net/

Are you going to be able to help gather ballot signatures this year
for the Michigan Child-Parent Relationship Protection Citizen
Initiated Ballot Proposal?

Could you please pass on the request for recruits and post this action
on your personal and organization's blog? Have you joined your county
NCP group in Yahoo Groups We are using this
format for the name of the groups: NCP-(state name)-(county
name) to organize this action and am looking for
leaders, are you one?


2. Tennessee Equal Parenting - the "Equal & Fair Parenting Act"
[ You can read the proposed Bill, called the "Equal & Fair Parenting Act"
and - John]

It is a step forward. A 'rebuttable' presumption that still allows a
single Judge to decide what's in the child's "best interest".]

From: "Darrick"  <>

March 1st story:

This isn't the first time a bill proposing equal custody rights for
mothers and fathers will come before the state legislature, but
supporters are hoping this is the time that it passes.

David W. Garrett is an attorney who focuses on family law.

   "The problem with it is there are many circumstances where it's not
   in the child's best interest to be with both parents half the
   time...I think instead of looking at what is best in each case for
   the children it's going to arbitrarily say 50/50 unless you prove

Garrett said according to the experts, children need a stable home,
instead of constantly going back and forth.

Wilky Fain's daughter Addison is seven-years-old.  He said it wasn't
until eight months after she was born that a judge let him see her.
Fain, who said he still doesn't see his daughter as often as he would
like, disagrees.

  "It's better to have both parents.  Children adapt to their
  environment... You can burn my house, you can take my car, but why
  would you take my kids from me?"

A House committee will hear from opponents and supporters of the bill

3. Shared parenting wording in Florida - a step forward.
[ Not sure if Florida got it right, Tennessee seems a better starting
point? - John ]

From: "" <>

The State of Florida got it right, why can't Iowa? Why won't Iowa pass a presumption
of joint physical care and make other changes like Florida?

Parenting Plans Allow Shared Responsibilities for Florida Parents

4. Fighting Social Services in Florida - an active group.
From:  "Jane Boyer" <>

Please forward to all in your email listings and post in your websites. You
can also add the blogtalk radio button to your websites to get the message
out. And you can be on the show and talk about your website and work. 

The Abuse Freedom Live Show is

CO-HOST and /

5. Family Preservation Festival in DC - July 23-25, any others?
[ Looks like more activity is being planned in Washington this summer.
Any clarifications about what groups are hosting which events is always
welcome -- need to hear from organizers - John ]

From: Leisha Tringali <>

The 4th annual Parent Preservation Festival is being organized. Below
please find the link for more detailed information. Please contact me
directly if you have any questions. Please pass on the link to other
groups so that the word gets out. Thanks!
Please check out this link for more details.

NO Longer Silent,
Leisha Tringali  
co-organizer, Family Preservation Festival   

6. Upcoming Chicago Rally for reform - April 10th!
From: Ian <>

I confirmed the schedule for the upcoming rally that I mentioned
previously. It will be held on April 10th from 9am to noon on the
corner of Randolph and LaSalle in downtown Chicago.

We need hundreds to show up, preferably with signs that say stuff
like, "We Care", or "Can I see my Kids?", or other similar signs.The
Illinois Family Law Study Committee will be meeting in the building at
that corner on the 6th floor and they will be discussing Custody for
the road ahead in Illinois. This is where the rubber hits the road and
where the laws will be drafted.

This is not going to be marketed as an Illinois Fathers event, per
say. It is more important that this be a unified front from every
organization out there that cares about shared parenting, parental
rights, or reform in family law that can touch Illinois.

It's highly recommended that as many people as possible be out
there. I would expect we may be able to pull 50 people from IF, but a
crowd between 100 and 200 would be best. This location is right across
the street from City Hall, so let's make Mayor Daley scratch his head.

We will work on the necessary permits and have proper notice in place
to the right organizations.

7. New York City Meeting - Americans for Legal Reform Mar. 24th
[This is a very active group in the New York City/Long Island area.  A
very knowledgeable group of people with members who aren't afraid to
risk arrest. They specialize in judicial corruption.  The web site has
a lot of graphics, but a very solid group of people. - John]

Contact: Carl Lanzisera <>

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