Canadian Superheroes in Court, Chalk for Family Rights, Equal/Shared in state activity.

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sun Mar 14 2010 - 15:38:42 EDT

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This message has info on:
1. Canadian Superheroes appear in Court
2. Chalk for Family Rights - Facebook & thanks for contributions!
3. Louisiana Equal Child Custody Legislation - really, just shared?
4. Georgia State Senator - on video, CPS is corrupt.
5. New Virginia group - Judges should consider equal/shared parenting.
6. Rotary presentation of Family Rights - some ideas.
7. Michigan Bill -- require training for grandparents, aunts & uncles?
8. Shared and/or Equal parenting - what do YOU support, poll?

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1. Canadian Superheroes appear in Court
From: "Burnaby Batman (aka Rob Robinson)" <>

Greetings everyone from Vancouver BC. This message is to provide you
an update on the status of the 4 members of F4J Canada who had their
first court appearance in North Vancouver BC this morning, March
10/10, over the Lions Gate Bridge Stunt on Feb.17/10 in West

With the eyes of the world watching and with the greatest police
forces across Canada gathered in one place, Fathers 4 Justice Canada
commandeered the Historic Lions Gate Bridge in West Vancouver BC in
the wee morning hours before the sun arose. The BC Hulk (Kevin
Christiaens) chained himself to the bridge deck after hanging his
banner on the bridge rail. David Millar was also on hand that morning
taking pictures as the stunt was being executed. 

The Burnaby Batman (Rob Robinson) and Robin QC (Hal Legere) scaled the
ominous super structure and placed their banner and Canadian flag high
upon the structure and remained upon the structure for just over 4
hours before peacefully ending the action. One lane on the bridge deck
was closed to accommodate the many police vehicles present. The hulk
was removed of his chains after about an hour and taken into
custody. David Millar was also arrested for being on scene as well as
The Bat and Robin. All four were charged with mischief...

To view this monumental action that garnered much media attention to
our cause at a time when the media's attention was clearly Olympic
focused was an astounding achievement indeed. Please visit this action
and check out the news links on the page at -
There are many pictures, news links and music attached to the page.

This morning [March 10th] at 9:00 am Hal Legere (Robin QC), Kevin
Christiaens (BC Hulk), David Millar & Rob Robinson (Burnaby Batman)
made their first appearance at the North Vancouver Provincial Court to
answer to a charge of mischief in a matter relating to Feb.17/10 and a
minor disruption that occurred on the Lions Gate Bridge in West
Vancouver during the Winter Olympics which allegedly disrupted the
lawful enjoyment and use of a public bridge inconveniencing thousands
of motorists.

After waiting but only an hour in a comfortable waiting area with
about 30 other individuals we were escorted into a small chamber where
we were to be met by crown counsel, a justice of the peace and 2 other
court appointed clerks. We then asked for the necessary disclosure
documents and adjourned the matter until March 24/2010. On this note we
were able to obtain video evidence from the official police file that
we will be posting on the net very soon and it will be added to the
web page that pertains to this stunt also, compliments of West
Vancouver's finest.

One victory did present itself today when charges against David Millar
were stayed, thanks David for all your help. David was merely taking
pictures on the bridge and other than not complying to the officers
repeated requests to leave the scene so they could secure it he was
eventually taken into custody. In fact after having read over the
police report David"s incompliance to the officers wishes takes up
more than half the report,lol,don't figure. In fact there is a
paragraph from the official police report that indicates when David
was further asked if there was anyone he would like to call he is
quoted saying "Steve Martin", "As this whole situation is quite
comical". Bravo to you David.

As it stands crown counsel is asking that the three charged be made to
pay a possible fine, community service, probation, and to not be a
pedestrian on any bridge in BC.

Needless to say Hal, Kevin and myself have our next hearing on March
24/2010, same Bat Place and same Bat Channel.

2. Chalk for Family Rights - Facebook & thanks for contributions!
From: John Murtari <jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org>!/profile.php?id=646290380 is where you
can find me, pictures, links, and other reform activity. Any friend
requests are welcome.

Also, I'm very happy four parents have contributed a total of $245
toward the effort!  http://www.AKidsRight.Org/familyrights
There was a good suggestion about adding a PayPal link to make it
easier.  To see the donation log and names of contributors,

Whatever the amount, it means a lot!  Thank you!  Hopefully this
message gives a little more of an explanation:

3. Louisiana Equal Child Custody Legislation - really, just shared?
From: "Darrick Scott-Farnsworth" <>

HB 74  

Please share this bill with your friends and family in Louisiana and have
them contact their state politicians and tell them to support the bill now.  

4. Georgia State Senator - on video, CPS is corrupt.
From: "Paul Clements"

Folks, This video is a recording of a speech made in the Georgia
legislature by Sen. Nancy Schaefer, regarding the operations of CPS
agencies across the nation.

This video is a MUST to watch

Paul Clements, with thanks to Barbara Johnson and Walter Graff -- "All
that is necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing." 
Sir Edmund Burk

5. New Virginia group - Judges should consider equal/shared parenting.
From: "Thea Artis"

We are now official.  Thanks to Kirk Schroeder and Wesley Weeks, Virginia
EQUAL Parents <> is now incorporated.  This makes VEP
the only official active organization in Virginia focusing on EQUAL shared
parenting, judicial reform and child/spousal support reform.

Now we need to build our membership.

In this year's General Assembly session, our lobbying team
successfully helped to defeat the College Child Support bills.
However, we were unsuccessful at getting the bill for Electronic
Recording of Court Proceedings passed.  For politicians to take us
seriously, we need numbers.

We plan to succeed where others have failed by organizing our efforts
and making this a mainstream, grassroots movement similar to the Tea
party movement.  We will gain public support by educating them about
how our problems affect their taxes and their lives.  Judicial
accountability, big government, government incompetence and government
intrusion in our personal lives hurt all of us.

Recent events make this a great time for changes that we support.  Our
new Governor, Lt. governor and Attorney General all support judicial
reform.  Ken Cuccinnelli has been a big supporter of shared parenting.
The economic collapse and the government's response have the public
mistrusting the government more than at any time in recent history.
Budget cuts are putting the squeeze on courts and government programs.

Now we need YOU.  *Please visit out new website
( officially become a member *.  We need
numbers and we need people willing to come together and work with us.
I hope ALL OF YOU sign up and bring your friends.

We currently have chapters in Hampton Roads, Northern VA, and
Richmond.  Contact info is available at the website.  If you are in
another part of the state, contact us about setting up a chapter

If you're serious about EQUAL shared parenting, judicial reform, or spousal
and child support reform in VA, join us today.

Mr. Thea Artis
VA EQUAL Parents, Inc. (

6. Rotary presentation of Family Rights - some ideas.
From: John Murtari <jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org>

A friend of mine invited me to make a presentation to the local Rotary
group at one of their weekly meetings.  I'd heard of Rotary and knew
it was a service organization, but that was about it...

Very nice group and a good channel to get the word out to local
people.  Below is a link to a handout I distributed.  Got through
the whole thing in 20 minutes!


I mentioned the proposed Michigan Bill as an attention getter --

"How many of you believe there is legislation pending in the State
legislature to require 10 hours of state certified annual training for
grandparents?"   It made big brother real to them.

7. Michigan Bill -- require training for grandparents, aunts & uncles?
From:  "Doug Dante" <>

HB 5838 - Grandma is a relative care provider.

HB 5242 - Grandma must be trained to our specifications.

HB 5934 - It's a crime not to do as we say.  We're not even going to
put bill on on the web site so that the public can see it.

8. Shared and/or Equal parenting - what do YOU support, poll?
A lot of people like the words "equal shared parenting."  I understand
being an equal parent (which I am not) and being a shared parent
(which I guess I am since I got one bite of the apple).  What do they
mean when combined - clarification or confusion?

Please review & consider signing "The Declaration of Family Rights"

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