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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sat Mar 20 2010 - 12:07:44 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

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0. The SECRET to achieving protection of Family Rights - shhhh.
1. Cross walk around the Courthouse in Racine, WI - literally!
2. Chalk for Family Rights in Lyons - resumes April 31st.

Intro & The Season of Lent
From: John Murtari <jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org>

I'm getting a ride to the Airport to pick up my son for Spring Break
in about an hour (still a suspended license).  I can't express how
blessed & fortunate we are to have navigated the family law
interference minefield.  He's now 17 and we've been able to keep a
loving and close relationship all these years!

Next week, March 31st, I'll be resuming my "Chalk for Family Rights"
campaign (recent legal updates below).  I still look forward to the
day when another loving Mom & Dad will join me -- maybe we'll meet
next Wednesday!

We are in the Christian season of Lent, a time for reflection on our
failings and a 'turning around' in our behavior (which is actually
the underlying Greek word 'metanoia' commonly translated as 'repent').

Critical thoughts before action
Maybe it's the legal system, but we all want to portray ourselves as
PERFECT victims of that evil-system, evil-former-spouse,
evil-social-worker, evil-judge, evil-etcetera...  Really?

I know the pain I watched my son go through all these years -- was it
inevitable?  Could it have been avoided?  Maybe yes.

Did I always act with PERFECT love, PERFECT honesty, PERFECT
confidence in my own worth, PERFECT Faith?  Sorry, I didn't, and even
sorrier, there were times when I gave up trying.... How about you?

This is not a call to "wallow in our guilt" and live in the past.
What's done is done, get over it!  But let's look at the past with
reality and admit our own failings (small or large).

Yes, the system failed to recognize our fundamental right to be
presumed FIT & EQUAL parents.  By definition, the legal proceedings
were flawed by failing to recognize that right -- but could it
have been avoided?  We'll never know.

But certainly for me (and for others), the acknowledgment that I
could have done better and maybe prevented the suffering my son went
through causes two things:

1. I'm a little more understanding with the faults of others around

2. I'm a little more willing to make personal sacrifice to correct the
terrible system we became trapped in.

How about you?

0. The SECRET to achieving protection of Family Rights - shhhh!
I got the following message yesterday morning.  I chose to leave the
sender anonymous because I just couldn't understand the point?
Are we 'preaching to the choir' among ourselves?  Does anyone
out there not think there is a serious problem with family law???

> We must hold all family judges lawyers, children aid societies and
> politicians accountable for acts of genocide committed to one
> million children and families in Canada. Hitler did not kill anyone
> he just gave orders and exactly the same thing can be said about
> these corrupt sadistic and pervert NAZI institutions.
> child abuse is child abuse no matter which way you look at it.. we
> don't need judges or lawyer who cannot raise their own children but
> we do need family mediators who understand needs of children...

Shouldn't we be careful in using such strong words.  If you really
think millions of kids are being seriously abused -- what are YOU
doing about it (I mean besides sending email?).

Please let me know WHAT YOUR GOAL IS FOR REFORM and what personal
sacrifices you are willing to make to help make those goals a reality.
Honestly, most of us aren't willing to risk much.  Perhaps we should
be a little less vocal in our criticisms, since we, in our timidity
and lack of Faith (that change can happen), are part of the problem?

The SECRET to achieving protection of Family Rights -- shhhh! Stop
talking and begin demonstrating by your actions how important Family
Rights are...

1. Cross walk around the Courthouse in Racine, WI - literally!
[ I was really impressed with what this parent was willing to do for
what he believed in.  Great idea! Carrying an actual wooden cross
around the Courthouse.  I do wish we could talk about FAMILY RIGHTS
and have both MOTHERS & FATHERS joining in these types of efforts -
John ]

For the entire news story:

Read a Letter to the Editor from Dr. Malcom Hatfied (MD) which
was also printed in the paper:

Reporter <>

RACINE - (Mar 11, 2010) Ricardo Martinez had a heavy load as he walked
around the Racine County Courthouse this week. 

The 33-year-old Racine man moved slowly and it was no wonder given the
12-foot tall wooden cross he carried on his shoulder, dragging one end
along the sidewalk.... Martinez said he spent a few hours each day
this week walking with his cross along the four-block perimeter of the
court house, at 730 Washington Ave., as a way to advocate for the
rights of fathers in divorce and child custody cases.

... When Martinez and his now ex-wife divorced, joint custody of the
couple's six- and seven-year-old sons was granted, he said, adding
that means he sees his boys Wednesdays and some weekends, an amount of
time he says is not nearly enough. That's why he walks.

"I'd rather be at home with my sons enjoying them," he said. "I've
already missed ... years of their lives."

Martinez said he knows his walking won't change his case but hopes he
raises some awareness that fathers deserve to see their kids and that,
in some cases, dads may be fit to get custody of their children. He
picked the courthouse to walk around because that's where family court
is held, he said.

... Passersby looked at Martinez, many craning their necks over their
shoulders as he passed. Martinez said some are cruel, telling him to
get a life and a job - he's currently looking for one - while others
show support. One man told Martinez of his similar child custody case
while some police officers have told Martinez they're glad he's
standing up for his kids...

2. Chalk for Family Rights in Lyons - resumes April 31st.
The DA agreed the pending graffiti charges should be dismissed. All
the currently remain are two charges for trespass.

I filed a complaint both with Wayne County Undersheriff Richard
House and Wayne County DA Richard Healy regarding alleged lies told by
a Deputy during my arraignment on Feb 18th.  In a bit of a surprise,
the very next day I got an acknowledgment signed by the DA.


You can check the links above to read the details.  When I was
arraigned the Deputy told the Judge the DA wanted my bail set at $2500
(pretty high for a little chalk!).  He even confirmed who he talked to
in the DA's office.  It was all made up and easy to prove a lie!

Many of you have experienced the same thing as you fought to keep a
relationship with your children -- this is one reason I feel so
strongly that parents have a right to a jury of their peers and a
unanimous verdict (which is what any criminal gets).

Sometimes we misdirect so much energy toward people that mistreated
us: Judges, Lawyers, Psychologists, Social Worker, and Police officers
who either did negligent jobs or actually were malicious in their
duties.  Yes, they should be punished -- but, THEY ARE NOT the problem
with our Family Law System.  When an individual person has that much
power over your life, these types of abuses happen.  That is why our
Founding Fathers protected our valued freedoms with a 'jury of your

We are all liable to petty biases and a desire to short-circuit
procedure to due the "right" thing.  Having to convince twelve people
taken off the street based on evidence presented in an open trial --
is a pretty good barrier to abuse.

                                        John Murtari
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                                       John Murtari
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