Chalk/Walk update from Lyons, Chicago Rally Apr. 10 & Wife selling in England!

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Thu Apr 01 2010 - 14:43:24 EDT

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1. Chalk/Walk for Family Rights - Lyons update
2. Thoughts on protesting - Jack Frost
3. Rally in Chicago - April 10th
4. A Psalm for Holy Thursday & Good Friday - our thoughts also.
5. Wife's sold in 17th century England - now exposed!

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1. Chalk/Walk for Family Rights - Mar 31st, Lyons update
Submitted by: John Murtari <jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org>

For full background and some pictures of the day's activities,
see http://www.AKidsRight.Org/family_rights/index.htm#current

I was joined by two other parents from the Albany area, Jack Frost &
Jeff. We first went to the local office of Assemblyman Robert Oaks and
spoke for about an hour with his aid.  She listened carefully to both
their stories and asked questions. It was a worthwhile visit.

After that we went to the Courthouse. The initial plan was to quietly
walk the sidewalk in front of the building; then Jack & Jeff would
leave the area and I'd resume chalk writing activities as before. In a
surprise, building security approached and said we could not walk on
that sidewalk -- we could only walk on the street sidewalk or the
police would be notified.

We did this for about 40 minutes (pictures at link above).  Jack &
Jeff then left the area and I started to walk in front of the building
(no chalk activity at all).  Security approach and told me I had to
leave or the Lyon's police would be called.

I was polite, but kept walking as the Lyon's police arrived and
entered the building.  A while later two Sheriff's vehicles also
arrived.  The Lyon's police then left with no action.  A while later a
Sergeant from the Sheriff's office told me they had "no problem with
me walking in front of the building," but they didn't want any more
chalk activity.  He then left.  I continued my walk for about another
30 minutes and then left at 5 pm.

It was great to have two other parents with me and I appreciate them
making a four hour drive to be there!  I look forward to the
day when I will have both a Man & Woman with me willing to take chalk,
risk arrest, and write "I LOVE MY KIDS" outside this building and
others. As today showed, once we learn to stand up for our rights and
our dignity -- other people will respect it also. But it starts with

I've had to suspend my activity because I was just running out of
money to support myself.  I was living off savings since last October
when I started this effort and can't afford it any more -- but I plan
to resume by late July!  If you know anyone who needs web site
programming work done I'd welcome a referral.  My background at

2. Thoughts on protesting - Jack Frost
[ Jack was one of the participants yesterday in Lyons.  He lives in
the Albany, NY area. This was his "first time" participating in a
public civil action and I asked him to share his thoughts - John]

Submitted by Jack Frost <>

My thoughts about protesting. Thank you for the education and
experience.  These tips and thoughts I think are helpful:

o Have a sign with pictures of kids and a simple and easy to read

o Hold the sign high so other people can read it.

o Generally do not make eye contact with people - you want them to see
you - look at you and read the sign. Your presence there speaks

o Be friendly to any officer - they are only doing their jobs. You do
not necessarily need to follow their directions because you have a
right to protest peaceful however you may risk arrest.

o Talk to other protester(s) but only when people aren't nearby they
will be less likely to look at your signs and engage you if you are
having a conversation. Should generally be a "silent protest".

I was surprised at how easy it was. I could see how it could be very
therapeutic to any parent that has been "run over" by the system.  All
the guards looking out the window was a little intimidating but I
imagine their job is pretty boring so I guess one to has to put it
into perspective. I noticed after a while there wasn't so many looking
out anymore.. The layout of the court house certainly makes this
something that will be different in every location.

I can see the benefit of having more people there. More people means
power. Pictures and video if you can get someone there to document is


3. Rally in Chicago - April 10th
Submitted by: Tony Taylor <>

April 10, 2010 9:00 - Noon
Save Our Families Rally
Randolph and LaSalle
Downtown Chicago
(160 North LaSalle)

This is where the rubber meets the road Illinois is on the verge of
the next chapter in Family Law. Two years ago, State Legislation
established the Illinois Family Law Study Committee, whose job it is
to analyze family law within our State. If you have been before the
Family Court in our State, if you have lost substantial time with your
children, if you have lost custody of your children, if you have been
crippled by child support, if you lost a substantial portion of your
estate. This is the place to be. This is the time to be there. This is
where the rubber meets the road.

The Committee will be meeting during this time to discuss Custody
during domestic relations cases in family court. Special interest
groups hold significant sway over the committees decision and it is
important for the general public to let the committee know that an
ongoing, continuous and substantial relationship with both parents is

For More Info: 
Contact (309) 696-7930

4. A Psalm for Holy Thursday & Good Friday - our thoughts also.
[ As we find ourselves separated from our children, caught in legal
machinery, seen dreams destroyed, and been doubted by our own friends
& families -- the words of the Psalmist, written over two thousand
years ago may sound familiar to us as we wonder... - John ]

Psalm 31: 10-17  
(The Psalms: A New Translation, 1963, The Grail, England)

Have mercy on me, O Lord,
for I am in distress.
Tears have wasted my eyes,
my throat and my heart

For my life is spent in sorrow
and my years with sighs.
Affliction has broken down my strength
and my bones waste away.

In the face of all my foes
I am a reproach,
an object of scorn to my neighbors
and of fear to my friends.

Those who see me in the street
run far away from me.
I am like a dead man, forgotten,
like a think thrown away.

I have heard the slander of the crowd,
fear is all around me,
as the plot together against me,
as they plan to take my life.

But as for me, I trust in you, Lord,
I say: "You are my God.
My life is in your hands, deliver me
from the hands of those who hate me.

Let your face shine on your servant.
Save me in your love."

5. Wife selling in 17th century England - now exposed!
Talk about violating human rights.  This article was just linked from
the home page of Wikipedia today, April 1st -- who would have thought
it was possible!?

You can also sign the petition at:

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