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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Sun May 09 2010 - 11:26:07 EDT

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1. Happy Mother's Day!
2. Grandma slaps Granddaughter - sorry, off to Jail!
3. F4J Canada in Parade May 24th - Victoria, BC
4. The BIG YELLOW TRUCK - coming your way!
5. Legislative "listening" sessions - New Hampshire

1. Happy Mother's Day!
>From all of us who are members and associated with AKidsRight.Org, our
best wishes for a Happy Mother's Day! A special greeting to those of
you who may not even see your children today. A special greeting to
those of you who may not even have received a card from your little
ones because your former spouse just doesn't care and is blind to your
value as a parent. A special greeting for all those "awkward" moments
this Holiday can bring: "Did your kids send you flowers?", "I got a
beautiful card from my daughter, how about you?", "We are all going
out for dinner tonight, and you?"

A VERY special greeting to those of you who have to deal with family
members & friends who say, "Well, best to accept it, life goes on!",
"I'm sure whatever happened was all for the best...." 

Please understand they just don't know. Would you have used those
words in talking to a slave in the 1850's? Would you have used those
words in talking to a black forced to the "back of the bus" in the
1950's? Admit it, maybe you would have -- until you learned to

On this very special day, please remember, yes, they can take away
your children -- but only you can give them your dignity. We may not
be perfect (or even average), but that does not mean we don't have a
God given "right" to participate as an EQUAL parent in our children's


2. Grandma slaps Granddaughter - sorry, off to Jail!
[ Sorry, the Government says we have to arrest someone in the family.
You can't change your mind now -- it's for your own good you know! ]


Theresa Collier says she's never been in trouble her entire life, but
this week, the grandmother found herself behind bars in the Pinellas
County Jail after slapping her granddaughter for swearing at her.

"My heart's going like this.  I just thought I was going to die.  I
wanted to crawl in a hole," Collier told 10 Connects, as she broke
down in tears.

Collier says she invited her 18-year-old granddaughter, Felicia
Collier, to her house so she could use her computer to do homework.

Felicia is finishing her senior year online after getting kicked out
of Catholic school in Massachusetts, Collier explained.

"She said F-off to a nun!  I would just crawl into a hole," said
Collier.  Felicia Collier denies that is what happened.

On Tuesday, the newly turned 18-year-old did not want to obey her
commands to complete her assignments.

"She kept repeating the F-word to me, about the whole family.  She
just went on and on and I just got so upset, I got up and slapped her
across the face," she told 10 Connects, "She grabbed my wrists and I
couldn't get out of it and she let one go and she punched me in the
cheek here."

Felicia then called police to her grandmother's home, but even the
teenager couldn't have imagined what happened next.

"The two officers came to each side of me and before I know it, they
have my arms and they said, 'You're under arrest,' and they cuff me,"
Collier said tearfully.

Despite Felicia Collier's attempts to convince police not to arrest
her grandmother, the officers took the woman into custody.

Theresa Collier describes the next 24 hours in jail as the worst hours
of her life.


3. F4J Canada in Parade May 24th - Victoria, BC
From: "The Burnaby Batman" <burnabybatman@shaw.ca >

Greetings everyone from Vancouver BC. I am sending out this message as
a reminder that Fathers 4 Justice Canada is now officially registered
to participate in the year annual Island Farms May Day Parade in
Victoria BC on May 24/10 (Monday - Victoria Day).  This is Victoria's
largest parade event with marching bands, floats, clowns, etc. Over
120,000 spectators watch this popular annual event in person and on
television. Lots of fun for the whole family. The parade starts from
Mayfair Mall at 9:00am and moves along Douglas Street into the
downtown core. To view last years parade and F4J Canada's involvement
go to -


Fathers 4 Justice participants in this years parade must be assembled
in the marshaling area no later than 8 am at the Mayfair shopping
centre on Douglas Street. Our registration number is 85 and our
section is D-016, please remember these numbers for those who will be
attending with us. This year the television cameras will be in front
of the Times Colonist on Douglas Street. The reviewing stand will be
located in front of City Hall.

Consider this your official call out for anyone interested in
participating with us in this years Island Farms May Day Parade in
Victoria BC. For those who have already contacted me regarding this
parade we look forward to your involvement and I look forward to
meeting you all. Expect to see an email from me by weeks end. Anyone
else who might be interested in joining us we would welcome your
attendance so PLEASE CONTACT ME AT burnabybatman@shaw.ca .

... So far this years line up of superheroes include the BC Hulk,
Victoria Spiderman, Metropolis Superman, Iron Man, Spider Woman, Super
Dave, Robin QC, Venom and the Burnaby Batman. More will likely be
added before the time of the parade and I will be sure to provide
updates... The parades are an excellent opportunity to get out and
enjoy some fresh air, great fellowship, family fun, and a wonderful
way of spreading our message in a non confrontational manner so I
would encourage all who are able to do so.

... Fathers 4 Justice Canada has put in its application to participate
in this years annual Hyack parade in New Westminster BC on May 29/10
(Saturday). Which of course means parades back to back for us.If
everyone recalls this is the one that last year rejected us initially
until after receiving much pressure from concerned families across
Canada and the globe who support our efforts, allowed us entry. This
year they actually invited us, I have sent in the application a month
ago and we are still awaiting a status update on the same. We will be
calling them next week to determine our position in this years parade
and if need be may be asking for all your assistance should the need
arise once more. I would suspect this will not be necessary this year
since we were so well behaved last year but time will tell.

Best Wishes: Rob Robinson - NAC - Fathers 4 Justice Canada

4. The BIG YELLOW TRUCK - coming your way!
From: Bessie Hudgins <my14mema@yahoo.com>

I have been quiet lately trying to re-group and come back stronger.
Three Sides has a lot going on these days.  One of which is getting
the Big Yellow Truck ready to post ads.
The Truck will be traveling all over the southeast and then make it's
way to DC this July.  It is 14 ft. long and bright yellow.  We are
going to make sure the world sees exactly how many of us there are.
You can have your org. listed with web address and or phone number.
You can also list your name and child's name and state you are from
like we did with the candle lighting on our town square a couple of
years ago..  We won't be listing child's last name, but we can do age
and town and state.
The ads are $20.00 each for up to 20 letters, and .75 cents for each letter after that.
This will pay for the vinyl and it will be on the truck for at least a
year.  If you want it left on the truck, we can renew it.
We will have Several large statements on the truck, like the following.
If you have suggestions, please send them.
You can place your order here
http://www.three-sides-to-every-story.org/donations.html, then click
special instructions to seller and add the information for your ad.
You may lso send info or ask questions to three3sides@aol.com
I am happy to report THE BIG YELLOW TRUCK is becoming a big hit...
When DCRally2007 was in the works we decided to gather stuffed animals
and asked that everyone bring at least one with them.  My son and I
brought over 100 stuffed animals and we placed them all over the front
of the stage in honor of our children.  When the rally was over, they
were gathered up and Ron took them to the Children's hospital for
This year we are doing this again. Don Hutter,Jr.<hutter9@hotmail.com>
and myself will be gathering them all up after the rally is over and
taking them to the hospital for donation.  I am in contact with the
hospital and we are going to make a really big deal of this.
So, THE BIG YELLOW TRUCK is now going to be bringing stuffed animals
to DC and if any of you can bring at least one, we will load them all
in THE BIG YELLOW TRUCK and take them to the hospital for donation.
I have just placed an order for over $700.00 worth of vinyl to start
working on the truck once it arrives.
If you have not placed your order as of yet, you best get on the
stick, cause we are receiving orders from all over the country and we
may even have a couple coming in from a couple other countries.
I have been asked if the orders are going to cover all the expenses to
place all these listings on the truck, the answer is, who knows, but
at this point it looks like we will be ok if we can cover the truck
with listings....

I can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones in DC in July.
God Speed, Bessie

5. Legislative "listening" sessions - New Hampshire
From: Eileen Cipnick <bskidsco@yahoo.com>

It has come to my attention that the Child and Family Law Committee
will be hosting a series of public sessions throughout New Hampshire
to hear about the public's concerns regarding the Family Courts. The
first couple of sessions have been announced today via the Legislative
Calendar. I believe more will be added, but wanted to make sure that
you knew about them and if interested and available, could
participate. The list is below.

One way for change to happen is to get involved. This is an
excellent way of sharing your thoughts for how things should be, what
needs to be changed and how the Child and Family Law Committee can
incorporate these changes with upcoming legislative bills.
Hope you can attend. If not, you can always send your ideas to the
Child and Family Law Committee via their e-mail address: 
CFL@leg.state.nh.us   Please let us know if you attend and what was
discussed!  Thank you for your participation! Enjoy your weekend.

New Hampshire House of Representatives, Children and Family Law
Committee, Public Listening Sessions- May, 2010:   In partnership with
the state child protection and child support agencies the House
Children and Family Law Committee  hopes to learn from the public as
to how the resources available are being utilized to result in the
most positive outcomes for children and their families in New
Hampshire.  At this time, the sessions will be held according to the
following schedule:

  Tuesday, May 11 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at the Laconia Middle School

  Thursday, May 13 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at the River Valley Community College in Claremont

  Tuesday, May 18 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at the White Mountain Community College in Berlin

The primary purpose of these public listening sessions is to provide
an opportunity for the public to participate in the Legislative
process, in particular that of the Children and Family Law Committee
of the NH House of Representatives. Information gathered at these
meetings may be used to develop future legislation intended to improve
our state

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                                       John Murtari
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A Kid's Right to Both Parents!
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