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From: John Murtari (
Date: Thu Jun 03 2010 - 15:55:40 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on:

1. Speech at Arkansas Bar Association, June 9th - Stephen Baskerville
2. TV Coverage of F4J Parade effort - Over a dozen Superheroes!

-- NOTE:  Here are announcements on TWO DIFFERENT events planned
for the same days.  Please review carefully, different locations.
3. Family Preservation Festival - US Capitol, July 23-25
4. Official DC Rally Fest - US Capitol, July 23-25

5. Father's Day Demonstration - US Capitol, June 19-20th

1. Speech at Arkansas Bar Association, June 9th - Stephen Baskerville
From: Stephen Baskerville <>

     I will be speaking to the annual meeting of the Arkansas Bar 
Association in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on Wednesday, June 9, from
1:15-2:45 on the subject of "Shared Parenting".  Information about the
conference can be found here:
You are welcome to publicize the event.
     Also, my article "Women on Top" (I did not choose the title)  
has just been published in the summer issue of the prestigious 
Salisbury Review, apparently featured on the front page.  It is not 
online at this point, but information is at 
Stephen Baskerville, PhD 
Associate Professor of Government 
Patrick Henry College 
10 Patrick Henry Circle 
Purcellville, Virginia  20132 

2. TV Coverage of F4J Parade effort - Over a dozen Superheroes!
From: The Burnaby Batman "Rob Robinson" <>

    Greetings everyone I apologize for not having sent this out
sooner. May 24/10 - (Victoria Day) - Fathers 4 Justice Canada
participate for the 5 year in the annual Island Farms May Day Parade
in Victoria BC. This parade is one of BC most colorful and popular
parades with over ten thousand spectators and thousands more watching
live across BC on Chek 6. This years parade began under sunny skies
with over 130 colorful floats, clowns, marching bands and much
entertainment for all. 

    The parade began at 9:00 am Monday morning and wound itself through
the downtown core of Victoria BC. To view live coverage on Chek 6 in
Victoria of Fathers 4 Justice Canada's involvement this year please
follow this youtube link -

    Fathers 4 Justice Canada saw about 27 participants this year (a 
record for us) at the annual Victoria Day Parade and a great time was
had by all. We here at F4J Canada would like to take this opportunity
to give great thanks to all those who made this event a successful one
once more with their donations and participation (You know who you
are). Without your support we could not have made this opportunity to
unite in sending our message of equality to the masses a reality.

    This years Fathers 4 Justice Canada's line up of everyday 
superheroes was a grand one indeed and included Superman, Super Girl,
Zorro, V for Vendetta, Venom, Green Lantern, Spider Woman,
Mr. Incredible, Bat Girl, Iron Man, the BC Hulk, Robin QC, the Burnaby
Batman and the many everyday heroes and their children that joined
us. Thank you so much, you made us proud this day.

    I would encourage everyone to review all the pictures, 
video clips, and live TV coverage upon our Action Site at -

    More pictures will be added to the page as they are made
available. Best Wishes Everyone - Rob Robinson - NAC - Fathers 4
Justice Canada 

"It Is In Our Actions We Are Defined"

3. Family Preservation Festival - US Capitol, July 23-25
   also called: DC Rally for Family Rights 2010
From: Leisha <>

Enclosed I have provided a link to the Family Preservation Festival
that is being organized by Families 4 Justice, in which I am a
co-organizer ( in case there are any questions ).

Please help share the word for this event. If you are not able to
attend this years event but want to support the cause, Families 4
Justice is in need of donations for renting port a potties, renting a
podium & speakers, candles for the candle light vigil etc. The
co-organizers have been meeting weekly and preparing for this event.

If there is any organization interested in being recognized in this
event by placing their name on the back of the t-shirts please contact
Donald Tenn.

If you have the time and media contacts and want to help, please let
me know.

 Administrative Contact for the domain:
   Donald Tenn <>
   Sacramento, California 95827

4. Official DC Rally Fest - US Capitol, July 23-25
   also called: We The People Family Preservation Fest United
From: Official DC Rally Fest July <>


Come to The Capitol Live on Parents Day Week End on July 24-25/lobby 23rd.
Send your petitions to us for review.

Be sure to help us spread the word about We The People and DC
Rallyfest again this year in Washington, DC in front of the capitol.
We are counting on all of you for your E-Activism, Support and
possible attendance.
We need you to cut and paste our page information into various blogs
and threads to get the word out that we will protect these children.
If you have websites please advertise our links.
We are accepting applications to speak and participate with us or you
may just show up to witness this mark in history as we lobby congress
for reform.

Be sure to follow us through our website AND talk shows until event
takes place in DC, July 24-25/lobby on 23rd.  You may also call us at:
317-214-9787 and leave a message.

 Administrative Contact for the domain:
    Tony Kitly  <>
    Evansville, IN 47715

5. Father's Day Demonstration - US Capitol, June 19-20th
From: David Wilson <>

Help us DEMAND of Congress to end VAWA and Title IV-D funding that
promotes destruction of the family, and to ENFORCE the fundamental
right to be a parent.
COME AND TELL YOUR STORY! if you've been victimized by a family
court. These speeches will be video recorded and posted on the
Internet. No Charge.

  Administrative Contact for the domain:
     David Wilson <>
     Cocoa Beach, FL   32932
                                       John Murtari 
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org 
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org         A Kid's Right to BOTH parents" 
(315) 944-0999(x-211)             http://www.AKidsRight.Org/ 


A Kid's Right to Both Parents!
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