DC Rallies - our goals vs. their goals/ Coleman hunger strike update

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From: John Murtari (murtarij@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jul 23 2010 - 12:21:22 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

1. Rallies - our goals vs. their goals?
2. High Profile cases - agree?
3. Bill Coleman update - jailed hunger striker.

1. Rallies - our goals vs. their goals?
There are two Rallies in the Nation's capitol this weekend. For you
attending I welcome your reports, opinions, and photos of what

I looked at the sites (and we should also ask ourselves) -- when it
comes to describing solutions/goals, how does what "we" (supporters of
family law reform) say, differ from what "they" (opponents to
significant reform) say?

If we would both use the same words we haven't differentiated our
message.  Supporters become confused and actions fragmented.

PLEASE -- this is not about raining on anybodies parade, but just
stepping back... Sometimes we pile words onto websites (myself
included!), but never step back to read the message as a visitor sees

----------- (ONE)  http://DCRallyForFamilyRights.com/

A big message is "Family is Fundamental".  I'm sure everybody agrees
with that, "we" or "they".   

There isn't much else about goals on the home page. It is the "DC
Rally for Family Rights".  Everybody could support that general goal
until we learn more details on these "rights".

--- I followed the "Take Action" link and liked what I saw.  

A link to the "Declaration of Family Rights",
I think it's clear - your thoughts?

They also had a link to a "Shared Parenting Petition" at the
ACFC web site,  http://www.acfc.org/site/PageServer#SP_Petition

The two petitions really are very different.  I don't think "they"
would agree with the Declaration of Family Rights.  I think anybody
would agree with how Shared Parenting is worded?

--- I followed "The Issues" link and liked the summary:

   The lack of due process in family courts, the lack of equal
   treatment under the law, and the lack of fundamental family rights
   have left good and loving families fractured, parents and children
   in crisis, and our society in shambles."

I certainly believe "they" don't want parents to have any more
due process rights.

----------- (TWO) http://www.OfficialDCRallyfest.com/

Part of the title is "Family Preservation Festival" -- I guess
everybody is also for preserving family?

You can buy a button that says "STOP Child Protective Services" -- I
absolutely know what they mean after hearing so many stories about the
near-NAZI control these social worker have.  I don't think "they"
share that goal; but also, most people who haven't been through it
would wonder????  What's bad about protecting children?

There are some catch phrases:


Is there ANYBODY who doesn't agree with those words -- what do "we"
want that is different?

When you "click to enter" the main site, you go to:


Honestly, I read the Mission statement and I don't know what it's
  "We are a grass roots, human rights movement created of men and
  women in the United States of America who have formed and dedicated
  ourselves to end the war on citizens by city, state and federal
  governments that operate schemes that place funds over human

War on the citizenry?  I guess "they" wouldn't say that, but neither
would most people who haven't been through it?  Are Judges,
social-workers, and lawyers the enemy?

  "Our Goal for families afflicted and their children is to create
  reform by lobbying methods that will stop the harm where these
  issues exist..."

Again, I'm sure "they" would agree with that one and "they" are
lobbying hard also against 'abuses' in the system -- they just need
a little more money and people...

  "Our Promise is to educate on preserving the family values, testify
  against any bill before Senate or the House that will harm children's
  best interest as well as the family unit...."

  Isn't that what "THEY" say?  They took your kids because "they" said
it was in your children's best interest?

FINALLY, in the last paragraph:

  "...our system is failing by allowing issues to exist that harm our
  right to parent equally and fairly as a parent."

I think THIS IS IT, 'our right to parent equally and fairly', I don't
think "they" would agree on equally. I have no idea what "fairly"
means?  Most importantly, what protects that right?  If there is a
dispute or allegation, does a Judge alone still decide what is best
for your kids?

2. High Profile cases - agree?
In past Civil Right's struggles it was pretty easy to get mass
agreement on high profile examples.

We'd had two stories on some BIG custody battles:

--- Golf Star: http://www.akidsright.org/archive/archive2010/0025.html

You have probably heard of the infidelity of Golf Pro Tiger Woods --
taking infidelity to new levels!  A less commented on part of the
story is that his wife Elin seems to have "clubbed" him several times
in a rage of anger.


Now there is the classic "custody" battle.  For purposes of discussion
assume let's accept we have two spouses, one guilty of "bounteous"
infidelity, and the other of rage and domestic violence.  Neither has
ever been accused of trying to harm their two children and we can also
assume they both love their kids.

--- Porn Star:  http://www.akidsright.org/archive/archive2009/0040.html

   "Can a Stepmother Like Sandra Bullock Be a Better Parent than a
   Biological Mom Who's a Porn Star?" by "Jill Brooke" Blended Families Expert.

   "Rarely when fathers seek full custody of a child are the facts so
   stacked against the mother as in the case between "Monster Garage"
   star Jesse James and his ex-wife, porn star Janine Lindemulder. The
   couple are battling in court for custody of 5-year-old daughter
   Sunny. Not only is Lindemulder a porn star, which is a career that
   one can argue has negative moral and lifestyle implications on a
   child's upbringing, but she is married to a felon and has an
   alleged drug problem. James on the other hand is married to
   Sandra Bullock, who has been called "America's sweetheart."

   Full article at:

--- Conclusions?

Are they FIT & EQUAL parents? What is your standard?  If you use the
Declaration of Family Rights,

They are still FIT & EQUAL parents. If you use the Shared Parenting
petition, we let the Courts decide-- your thoughts?

3. Bill Coleman update 
I just got a letter from Mr. Bill Coleman.  He's been dragged through
the system and continues to maintain his innocence to a conviction of
rape.  Charges brought by his former spouse during a custody dispute.

Click here for his one page letter. He thanks all of you who have
written and helped him in the past.:


His current jail address (please take the time to write):

Bill Coleman #305106
986 Norwich New London Tpke
Uncasville, Connecticut, 06382 

Having experienced a nasal-gastric feeding tube first hand, I can
confirm it is not an enjoyable experience (the tube is routed up
through your nose and back down your throat into your stomach, not
taking a wrong turn into your lungs!).  How the procedure is done and
the size of the tube can make a dramatic difference in comfort levels!

Here is a message from a close friend regarding current events: 

--- Geoff Coleman <geoffc88@tiscali.co.uk> 
Today Bill has started his hunger protest and has refused all fluids.  
This will no doubt spark off another bout of modern day torture  
resulting in the force feeding procedure being carried out. We are sure  
now there is a ruling  in place By Judge Graham allowing this barbaric  
act to take place, the DOC will not wait too long to administer it.  
Bills family and friends can only hope that "Dr" Blanchette will not be  
the one in charge of this after the cruel and vile way it was  
administered last time and how the procedure went wrong and caused  
internal bleeding. After this failed attempt the DOC did not allow a  
medical examination afterwards on Bill to see what damage "DR"  
Blanchette had done and left him coughing up blood and vomit, leaving  
him in the same clothes for days afterwards. 
We can only conclude that the DOC and the so called medical staff  
wanted to ensure the experience of the force feeding was as unpleasant  
as it could be to deter Bill form doing this again. What they are  
forgetting is that Bill is innocent and that he sees his protest as a  
moral standing to high light the injustice the US system has and point  
out how corrupt and broken it really is.  
Bill, his family and friends have all been living with this nightmare  
for years. On no occasion have we ever seen any fair justice in the  
system, from the family court, the criminal court, the judges, the  
lawyers not even the police who refused to investigate the original  
claims. Its a system that revolves around money and not whether you are  
innocent or not and if you don't have the money you don't stand a chance.  
Bill is proof of this. 
We can only hope that Bill is at peace with himself over what lies  
ahead, we no the truth and so do they. The fact is no one cares enough  
to want to right a wrong and the justice system hides behind the  
mistakes it makes and covers them up. This is why the appeal processes  
take so long and you have very little chance of getting one, because  
one judge wont go against another. People may think this is a bias  
view, but the truth is its not and there are many innocent people  
convicted because they could not afford the costs of a decent  
representative in court and judges who wont rule adversely against  
another judges decision. 
The system allows the guilty to roam the streets, FACT." 
Please help. 


For full details, including news coverage see these links and search for
the word 'coleman':


John Murtari
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org                           A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
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A Kid's Right to Both Parents!

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