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From: John Murtari (
Date: Fri Aug 13 2010 - 16:39:05 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

1. Ottawa Rally - 5 PM, Sat, Aug 14th!
2. Rally Organizer report - Sheryl Hutter
3. Need signers - The Declaration of Family Rights
4. Your FEEDBACK - on Rallies!

1. Ottawa Rally - 5 PM, Sat, Aug 14th!
My apologies for the late announcement on this! - John



Centennial Flame,Parliament Hill 5:00PM on Saturday rally for Dave
Nash and his "For the Sake of the Children Cross Canada Marathon of
Hope" in support of Equal Parenting. Dave left Victoria on June 1
and has traveled the country by foot see his website and facebook
page for more info.


Hopefully by now many of Dave's supporters out there have been
making plans to get to Ottawa on Saturday. If not I encourage people
to do so ASAP. We already have confirmed car pools coming from
Barrie area, Aurora, Toronto, Durham - some with availability. I
think there may also be others coming from Kingston, Guelph and
London and Sarnia. We have people wanting a ride from Niagara. We
hope for a lot of Ottawa area residents to also attend.

Flame,Parliament Hill 5:00PM on Saturday
Please bring friends,family, media and coworkers.

IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE IT PLEASE HELP DAVE BY Sending this info to your
friends and contacts who are interested in Equal Parenting and
Reform of the Family Law (FLAW) system.

Dave has made a tremendous sacrifice to the cause of Equal Parenting
and spreading the word - we should all be doing what we can to
support him in this National Rally on Parliament Hill.

2. Rally Organizer report - Sheryl Hutter
Submitted by: Sheryl Hutter <>,

2010 DC Family Preservation/TK Music Festival July 23-25, 2010
(Capitol Hill)

Sorry you were unable to attend the 2010 DC Family Preservation/TK
Music Festival July 23-25, 2010 as it was a great opportunity to
learn and share information with families and our US Congress. Don
Jr. and I did attend this event and are pleased to share that
although the heat in DC was truly unbearable we believe that we
accomplished a great deal as we undertook new and different avenues
to promote awareness to the serious need for family preservation in
America. The 2010 DC Family Preservation/TK Music Festival ultimately
conducted on capitol hill (7/24-25/2010) and we attended
accomplished the following:

Lead up and festival activities June 2010 - Seven national Family
Preservation Organizations compiled, sponsored, and distributed the
2010 Family Preservation Congressional Survey to all of the US
Congress (still trying to get results)

Thursday July 22, 2010 - A very professional lobbying experience was
led by Ed Bartlett and SAVE which included meetings scheduled with
approximately 30 US House member staffers, followed by random
lobbying and distribution of 2010 Family Preservation/TK Music
Festival (Capitol Hill) information by L. Wilson and TK (event
organizers) late that afternoon.

Friday July 23, 2010 - The 2010 Family Preservation Press Conference
held at the National Press Club was sponsored by the Institute for
the American Family - Stephen Walker coordinator - many national
speakers, approximately 80 participants and several media sources.

Friday July 23, 2010 - The 2010 Family Preservation Education Panel
sponsored by Equal Justice Foundation, Inc. and Three Sides to Every
Story, Inc.  coordinated by Sheryle and Don Hutter Jr. was conducted
in the US Capitol - South Congressional Meeting Room (first
time). Although congress was on the floor (filibuster) a few
staffers were present and it is our understanding that the panel
presentation was audio/video recorded for later viewing.  Twelve
very experienced panelists shared the broad based family preservation
issues, experiences, and recommended solutions for congress to
consider with future legislation. Everyone should ask there
congressional representatives to access and review the tapes for
information provided.

Saturday and Sunday July 24 - 25, 2010 - DC Family Preservation/TK
Music Festival - coordinated by TK and L. Wilson, conducted on
Capitol Hill - West Grounds. Keynote speakers, national organization
speakers and music filled the air, and even with way above average
heat, we endured.

Messages were shared by professionals, parents, children, and
challengers for elected positions.

Ken Krajewski and Bessie and Ricky Hudgins - Three Sides to Every
Story drove traveling bill boards to DC (The Big Yellow Truck and
the Green Jeep) sharing parent/family messages of love and promoting
parental alienation awareness.

Ron Zaleski - The Long Walk Home, shared the veterans message

L. conducted a special purple light vigil remembering our children
lost to CPS

Stephen Walker and the Institute for the American Family presented
awards to long time advocates for Family Preservation.

Stuffed animals were donated to Three Sides for delivery to
hospitalized children

The capitol hill event ended abruptly mid afternoon on Sunday July
25, 2010 with a serious rain and wind storm, but the blessing was a
cooling off.

All in all we made some serious strides and many, many,
organizations came together to deliver our Family Preservation
message to America...the 2010 DC Family Preservation/TK Music
Festival log book recorded over 400 signatures of participants.

We are moving forward and this event will be held next year April
2011 in DC. All are welcome...visit the often for information and
updates for next years festival.

3. Need signers - The Declaration of Family Rights
If you haven't had time to read & hopefully sign the "Declaration of
Family Rights" -- please go to:

We've had steady progress, now up to 345 signatures!  As always, your
FEEDBACK is welcome.  A common & clear goal is essential to our
success in reform.

4. Your FEEDBACK - on Rallies!
If you sent in any FEEDBACK on the DC Rallies and it hasn't
appeared.  Please resend - may have been lost...

--- Marcus Tullius <>

> Weren't the rallies intended only to preach to the choir, and the
> organizers in large measure not promoting themselves as
> personalities within an essentially introverted sect, devoted
> primarily to entertaining itself, that only calls itself a
> `movement'?

> I share and believe deeply in the grievance being addressed and have
> been seriously involved in various forms of activism, especially
> state legislature lobbying, over the years, but the principals of
> both DC rallies have in recent times excluded me from various fora
> and public discussions---where I have tried to stress engagement in
> governmental policy making, community consciousness raising, and
> having a clear and accurate understanding of the family court
> system, in order to reform it.

> What did anyone expect, and what do you want?

--- John Miller <> 

> Thanks for the DC Rallies update!

> You wrote, "Briefly, I feel we are failing miserably to gain any
> traction as a movement. We need to critique ourselves and try to
> understand why."

> Well ... don't be too hard on yourself. Those who are failing
> infinitely more than you, infinitely more than those who attended
> the rallies -- are our "illustrious" elected officials in
> Washington who give nary a damn about our circumstances.

> Please tell me that one of those individuals invited you into his
> or her office so he or she could listen to your plea for sanity.

> Oh really, not even one?

> Yep, I launched my 7th [Presidential campaign] attempt last week,
> so rest assured that after November, 2012, there will be at least
> one Citizen's representative residing in that Square of
> Dysfunction who will, often and as a matter of course, invite
> Rally Folks in for a chat.

> Forward this at will and in many directions.
> Pax et Spes,
> John Miller

> Facebook: john q. miller ~ 563.564.6221        
> independent presidential candidate 2012  

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