Advent of Reform - what do we want? / Federal Civil Rights Court action

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Fri Dec 10 2010 - 14:14:01 EST

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1. The Advent of reform - what do we want?
2. Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit on behalf of parents - details.
3. Parenting Rights Planning Meeting in NYC - Dec 26-27
4. F4J protest in Ballston Spa, NY - event photos.

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1. The Advent of reform - what do we want?
If you still haven't had the opportunity take time to sign the
petition in support of the "Declaration of Family Rights",

and consider joining a growing group with similar goals at:

I firmly believe our greatest problem is not having a clear Civil
Rights goal.  We know what we don't like about the present system,
but say a LOT less about what the answer should be.  The planned
meeting in New York City to discuss Parental Rights is a great

Please take a look at this dialog below and I welcome your FEEDBACK.
What do you think of the following message written by a strong
"reformer" for Family rights?

   "I don't think in the context as one goal vs. another.  I think that
   the focus should be on the family and that if we can reach that
   objective everything else falls into place.  I chose to focus my
   energy in trying to get beyond the we against them.  

   It should not be a battle between parents but when both fathers and
   mothers seek to promote an understanding that there is a need to
   come to an understanding as to what is in the best interest of the
   child.  I think that if we can focus on creating a sense that no
   parent have the rights to compromise the best interest of the
   child.  This is my views and the concept that I devote my energy.
   I heard a lot of positive message from both mothers and fathers and
   their message had one thing in common that each parents should be
   involved in the lives of their children and that no parent should
   be denied that right on the basis of false allegations. - GB"

Honestly, it sounds nice -- but does it provide a foundation for reform?
Here were my thoughts:


   Thanks for taking the time to write a thoughtful message.  I like
   to share dialog with the members of our group.  I think many people
   would agree with your statement.  I'm not sure if I agree with your
   ideas and your thoughts on these questions would help me and
   probably others understand.  You are certainly welcome to clarify
   and add-on, but please make a point of answering the specific

      (1) " parent have the rights to compromise the best interest of
      the child."

   I always think examples are worthwhile.  If my wife and I decide to
   leave high paying jobs, great home and school system, and pull our
   teenage daughter out of school to move out west and become simple
   farmers because we value that lifestyle -- and our daughter does
   NOT want to move.  And we even admit it might not be in here best
   interest to be moved because of loss of friends, extra-curricular
   activities -- but we still love her and want her with us, to
   experience it....

   Is there a problem?  Does she have a legal case against us?  Does
   society have the right to sit in judgment and decide what is in
   the best interest of our daughter?

   This one is a bit long, but it presents an actual case of a young
   boy in a "different" home environment --

      (2) "... each parents should be involved in the lives of their
      children and that no parent should be denied that right on the
      basis of false allegations..."

   Questions on two things you say here.  The "right" to be involved
   in the lives of their children.  Can you be a bit more specific.
   "Right" is a strong word.  What's the foundation for that right?
   Can you quantify the amount of 'involvement'?  As a long as a court
   decides it is in the "child's best interest" -- is seeing your
   children every other weekend enough involvement to satisfy the

   The other question is about "on the basis of false allegations..."
   What is your standard of proof?  Here in the U.S.  the highest
   protection is a unanimous verdict of a jury (it is used in criminal
   trials to protect our liberty).  Does the parental "right" you
   mention arise to that level of protection?
   What has to be proved in the allegations?  If I read your
   statement, it would seem to be that a parent DID NOT act in their
   child's best interest?

   Again, please don't take any offense.  I believe you've been on the
   list for a while.  As always I use your response as the last word
   on the topics.

I didn't get a reply, again, your thoughts are welcome!

2. Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit on behalf of parents - details.
An experienced Federal Civil Right's attorney, Mr. Leon Koziol
<>, filed a lawsuit in the Northern District of
New York on Nov 10th. I just had an opportunity to read the court
papers, app. 40 pages, and we can all relate to the "Alice in
Wonderland" treatment he received in Family Court and how destructive
it was to his family.  It is an impressive document and I recommend
everyone make an opportunity to read it.

Read it here:

Here is a little on Mr. Koziol's background (from his website):

    Leon R. Koziol, J.D., is a civil rights advocate who has practiced
    law for nearly a quarter century in New York State. He has been a
    spokesperson for parenting rights and currently publishes an
    Internet blog site known as LeonKoziol.Com, focused upon reform in
    our domestic relations courts. Featured over the years on the CBS
    news program 60 Minutes, New York Times and CNN, Leon Koziol
    remains a fearless advocate for human rights and a profound check
    upon government abuse.

    Among his career highlights, Mr. Koziol secured a final judgment
    in New York Supreme Court declaring unconstitutional the operation
    of the largest casino in the state. Prior to obtaining his
    doctorate degree, he joined the management team of a Fortune 500
    manufacturing firm. He has published various literary works
    including his most recent novel entitled Western Door. A former
    city councilman and municipal attorney, Mr. Koziol has secured a
    number of jury verdicts, settlement recoveries and a precedent in
    New York City for diverse civil rights victims. He was a recent
    endorsed candidate for state senate and county executive.

    In February, 2010, Mr. Koziol took a sacrificial stance against
    parental abuse in domestic relations courts. After criticizing a
    money generating process which needlessly harms parent-child
    relations, he was subjected to retaliatory suspension of his
    professional license. For nearly ten months he was denied all
    meaningful contact with his two children without any allegation or
    evidence of neglect, abuse or abandonment. On May 23, 2010, he was
    reunited with his precious daughters after a state court threw out
    a petition by the so-called “custodial parent” containing false
    allegations after a hearing. Four years of needless court battles
    damaged his income producing capacities needed to benefit his

3. Parenting Rights Planning Meeting in NYC - Dec 26-27
Submitted by: Attorney Leon Koziol <>

In less than one week, we have received numerous confirmations from
persons who will be attending my planning meeting at the Plaza Hotel
in NYC on December 26-27, 2010 (corner of Central Park and Fifth
Avenue). These include a retired federal judge from California, a
former state judge from North Carolina, several attorneys, authors and
parenting activists. 

This was set up as an informal gathering at the Oak Room 7 pm Sunday
and a brunch at 11 am Monday. We need RSVPs on our newly created
Parenting Rights Institute FaceBook page: to better
facilitate numbers and arrangements. This is not a rally but a
planning affair. Attendees should be prepared to offer ideas and
assistance for a national (winter) parenting rights convention. Metro
New York, Philadelphia, D.C. and St. Louis have been mentioned with a
rally in Washington this Spring to be our primary goal.

I want to personally thank all of you for your interest and
input. This has a serious minded agenda to achieve long overdue reform
to oppressive domestic relations processes that are harming our
children, families and the productivity of an entire nation. I look
forward to seeing you in three weeks. More details to follow on both
the Parenting Rights Institute FaceBook page and our web site at

4. F4J protest in Ballston Spa - photos.
Submitted by:  Jack Frost <>

We had two new families at the protest.

A local husband and wife who brought their two little ones.  A local
father who brought his son.  We also had the regulars: David, myself
and Blanca (grandmother who is also the photographer).

The public again was very supportive and some sheriff who drove past
waved.  We got some people in suits (possibly lawyers or court
personal since it was literally around the corner.). This was the
first major protest when court was in session.

No press - I am considering protesting in front of the local
newspaper.  I also heard about someone requesting the name and
addresses of everyone who pays child support in the county through a
FOIL request. I am currently looking into this as this might be a way
to contact other victims of family court. It has been difficult
contacting local victims and with the local press turning a blind eye
its been very frustrating.

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