Formula for Family Rights / National movie release on Family Law.

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sun Apr 24 2011 - 09:52:28 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

1. Our Success: Family Rights <- Middle East Protests <- Easter
2. Film on Family Law Injustice nears release - see the movie!

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Sacrifice [sak-ruh-fahys], Noun. The voluntary surrender or
destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something
considered as having a higher value.

1. Our Success: Family Rights <- Middle East Protests <- Easter
I'm amazed by what's happening in the Middle East.  Think about it. If
you'd been a PhD candidate in Political Science a year ago and based
your Thesis on a "people's revolution" -- you would have been laughed
at.  Imagine that!

I watch people willing to attend a Rally for Freedom and risk being
shot by a sniper.  Imagine that!  Why risk when you may not benefit?

Do we finally get it?
We use BIG WORDS when we talk about Family Rights.  Is there anyone
who doesn't understand real reforms won't happen without the voluntary
sacrifice of loving parents -- standing up for what they believe?

Just talk, emails, money, and even forming a political action
committee are NOT going to do it alone.  If you think those efforts
(without voluntary sacrifice) will make reform happen -- you are
wasting your time....

The Formula for our Success - so simple.
Loving & peaceful groups of Moms and Dads join in quiet "sit-ins" in
the offices of Governors and both State & Federal Legislators.  No
rancor, no anger - carrying pictures of the children they love AND 
the children of others.  Willing to be hand-cuffed and jailed for the
Right of ALL to raise & nurture their own kids.


A real question 
What attend a peaceful Rally where you might be arrested?  It's funny
in a way -- people in the past have risked their lives for

1. Freedom of Speech
2. Freedom of Religion
3. Personal Liberty
4. The Right to Vote
5. The end of Segregation

In that varied list -- where would you put

X. Family Rights of parents & their children.

Broaden our Hearts & Embrace a Goal
What is that supposed to mean?  Right now many only care about one
thing "MY KIDS" -- and when we realize our efforts won't fix things
for "MY KIDS" -- we lose interest....

We aren't willing to sacrifice -- what we really want is a contract.
If I give THIS, I'm going to get "MY KIDS!!!!"  What about others?

Also, we don't have a big enough goal.  I spent some time listening
to a "Civil Rights" lawyer who thought our present system was TERRIBLE
-- but as he spoke (at length) I realized he doesn't have a goal? He
doesn't know how to fix it?  He couldn't describe his vision of Family
Rights. Imagine that!

You want people to sacrifice -- you've got to have a clear vision....

The Declaration of Family Rights - 413 signatures and counting...
I like what follows.  It's a goal I'm willing to sacrifice for --
what about you?  Do you time to sign it? When will it reach a million?

Good Friday & the message of Easter!
The man, Jesus of Nazareth, a person who loved life and had a vision.
He was willing to sacrifice for what he believed.  The power of Love.

Some people believe he was the Son of God.  Imagine that!

2. Film on Family Law Injustice nears release - see the move in LA!
Submitted by:  Producer Angelo Lobo <>

Movie Trailers:
The Production Company:

After 6 years in the making Support? is finally ready for national 

It has been sometime since our last email and so much is
happening. The film is back and ready for national distribution. On
top of that we are finally at the first step towards the Academy Award
Qualifications for 2012 with the Los Angles Screening booked and ready
to see July 11 through the 17th, 2011. Go to and click on show times.

Yes, Yes that is true.  We are screening the film for a full 7 Days at
2 times per day and we have tons of seats to fill. So you guessed
it.... we need your help to do it!

We have been working diligently on this film that tells a story that
needs to be told. It's something that we feel will make a positive
impact on many lives and the social economics of this great country we
live in known as America....

What really does matter is that the film persuades and shows people that 
YES we do have a problem with our current policies.

There are problems with millions of dollars of ERRORS in the child
support system. There are problems with the divorce industry as most
of you know it, and the custody battles or the visitation as
"visitors" to our own children. We can go on and on listing more and
more problems.  What has been added to the film now is more on the
Parental Alienation and the simple fact that the custodial parent has
more rights than the non custodial parent...

Our team continues to strive until show time. All of us have only time 
to give and have used all of our own funds to get to this stage.

Now friends it really is up to YOU!

Your Help!
Would you please support us in Los Angeles , July 11-17th, 2011. Tickets 
will be $10.00 each. For group tickets please contact us.

Buy a Ticket today, ( get a T- Shirt or Pre 
Order The full DVD that will be shipped out to you on July 28th right 
after we screen in New York city starting the 19th - 26th of July 2011.

Bottom line if you or someone you know has been through what is called 
"the system" then you know we need reform and we need your help to make 
this happen.

Follow us on Twitter: 

and go ahead - friend us and "like" our Support? Page on Face Book:

The train is moving again and we hope to see you aboard! Please pass 
this on.




Trailers Click Here:

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