Our Most Alarming Statistics

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From: A Kids Right (akidsright@gmail.com)
Date: Sat Feb 25 2012 - 11:09:19 EST

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1. Our Most Alarming Statistics
2. Your Feedback
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4. The Advent of Reform

1. Our Most Alarming Statistics
I've noticed that many causes have success by advertising an alarming 
statistic. It seems to me our cause generally has sad and unjust 
personal stories and while we do have a lot of those, such stories are 
dismissed by the public as possible flukes. Exposing those stories is 
important to get press attention and astonish society with the unjust 
and cruel treatment of parents and children by family courts. However, 
many people are more convinced by statistics. Having one or two alarming 
statistics will give us something more objective to rally behind. Please 
help me discover our most alarming statistic and send me an email 
letting me know what you found. I'll compile what you all found, 
calculated, or discovered and present them next month.

-Alexander Haas

2. Your Feedback.

Thank you everyone for your feedback, ideas, and support. Below are some 

Tim wrote with his thoughts on how to effect more change for our cause. 
Tim made the point that we don't need more organization, instead an 
issue we have to overcome for more success is that "The people who are 
affected by the courts will whine and complain about it until the cows 
come home. When you ask them to do something, like attend an event, they 

Joanne wrote that our cause needs one nationwide central and effective 
organization. Because currently there are too many small organizations, 
sometimes only used to fulfill personal goals. And that the civil rights 
of children and parents would be better served by one peaceful, 
consistent, persistent, nationwide organization. Jonanne thinks that our 
organization's leader, John Murtari, would be a good person for the job.

3. Fan Us! Our new Facebook and Youtube Accounts.
Check out our new Facebook page at 

Check out our YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/AKidsRight

If you run across any videos of civil disobedience against unjust family 
law or any other videos you think would be appropriate please email 
akidsright@gmail.com <mailto:akidsright@gmail.com>and we can put the 
video up or link to it.

4. The Advent of Reform
Rapid reform is within our grasp.  But we need to make our actions agree 
with the
'high sounding' words we use.  There is a great strength in
numbers. http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil.htm

We need a very clear positive goal:

(Your signatures welcome!)

AND a three-tier action system:

1) Parents willing to be arrested/jailed in peaceful actions.

2) Parents willing to make the financial contributions necessary to
support 'paying the bills' for those folks while they are in jail.

3) Parents knowledgeable and ready to speak with legislators and the
media to help spread the message of Family Rights.




A Kid's Right to Both Parents!

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