Easter & Beliefs & Family Law Reform

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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Sun Apr 08 2012 - 17:56:30 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

A brief message for Easter Sunday. What does it have to do with Family
Law reform anyway?  Aren't we now a more "spiritual" people?  Free of
the constraints and mantras of "organized religion?"

Only you know that. If we skip the whole 'resurrection' story, does
the life & death of Jesus Christ have any meaning for us and reform?
I guess it all depends on what you believe reform to be?

If it's just about YOU and getting YOUR kids back from that OTHER
parent -- probably not much.  If your goal in reform is to get 'better
training' for Judges and Lawyers and Social Workers, so they can be
more sensitive in deciding what is best for your child -- probably
not.  If you'd be satisfied with a 'rebuttable presumption' of shared
parenting -- no.

They didn't crucify Jesus because he wanted 'tweaks' to the system.
He believed in big change, fundamental change.  He wanted to break
through barriers and change how people thought about themselves and
each other.

So many of us give up because:

1) We're only ONE.
2) We don't have a LOT of money.
3) We don't have mass media support.
4) We don't have support from celebrities.
5) We don't have the support of politicians.

Good thing he didn't feel that way!  He did have three things we are
badly lacking.  The amazing thing about this-- they are within the
grasp of each of us.  Not next year, next month, or tomorrow -- we
could have them today!

1) He really believed.
2) He had Faith in what could happen.
3) He was willing to make personal sacrifice.

So...... the first step is belief.  Do you believe you and your spouse
are both considered Fit & Equal parents (equal in terms of both
physical and legal custody?  Do you believe if anyone (a spouse,
relative, social services) wishes to challenge that, you have:

1) The right to counsel.

2) The right to be presumed a fit parent, innocent, and deserving of
an equal relationship with your kids.

3) The right to protection of a criminal jury and a unanimous verdict.
The "state" needs to prove you were a demonstrated serious and
intentional threat to your child's safety and that you acted with
mal-intent towards your children.

Words & Belief
As a group we can work on the other items, but we first have to
believe.  We need words that give meaning to the yearnings of our
hearts.  Words that will give us Faith.  Words that will take on
substance and become reality.  That might even make us sacrifice....



                                        John Murtari


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