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From: John Murtari (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2012 - 11:43:49 EDT

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*1) Rally for Parental Rights - Suffolk County, Oct 3rd.*
Submitted by: Jack Frost <>

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2012.* (Video from Rally) 
(Album photos on facebook, login required)

A group of parents held a protest to bring attention to the plight of 
families and the increasing number of one parent households. Many 
leaders talk about the absence of parents and how damaging this lack of 
parental involvement is to children and to our society as a whole.  
During this time of the year with elections in full swing and talk of 
families and budgets there is one thing very few are talking about and 
that is the status of our family court system.

Those of us who have gone through the system know far to well how the 
adversarial family court system rips families apart, creates 
heartbreaking tragedies and economic ruin.  The only ones who win are 
the court system and those who work within the "industry".

During our protest the protectors of democracy and freedom, "the press", 
were once again no where to be found. It is within this darkness that we 
see one parent "win" and the other parent "lose" but no matter which 
parent "wins" the children always loses. I was disgusted when I heard 
that our local newspaper the "Times Union" won an award. I don't think 
the press that ignores our children should be "winning" anything.

I believe some of that failure rests on our shoulders. It happens 
because we (as a people) allow it.  So it is once again that a few of us 
who are foolish or brave enough to stand up and try to shine a light on 
this injustice were once again at it.  Please take some to review the 
video, reach out and make some connections with those who attended the 
rally.  I believe we can make a difference. We need to continue to stand 
together and shine a light where others refuse to do so.

In an effort to silence him Gary Jacobs had received an Order of 
Protection some time after the protest. It orders him to not talk about 
his case, post things online etc. This is a tactic we hear about from 
time to time.  Lovers of freedom and Patriots if we are not willing to 
stand up for our families and our children who will? I gladly stand with 
you and I am deeply proud to have done so at the rally. Gary Jacobs 
should be celebrated not persecuted. He is a better candidate then some 
senators I know in office right now. Shame on those who try to silence him.

Some of the groups that were there Gary Jacobs, Americans For Legal 
Reform and FAFNY.ORG (Fathers and Families New York, Inc.)

You can reach Jack Frost at, 518-321-9928
You can reach Gary Jacobs at Phone (516) 455-6631, Fax (631) 382-8159
You can reach Carl Lanzisera <>, Americans for Legal 
Reform (516) 445-3727

Thank You,

Jack Frost

President of FAFNY

Kids need BOTH!

group photo


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