SupportTheMovie (our Movie) -- showing Jun 20th in New Jersey!

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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org)
Date: Sun Jun 02 2013 - 08:57:08 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

         Many of you have heard about one of the best documentaries 
regarding Family Rights.  It shows the damage our present "systems" of 
Family Law cause to the entire Family.  "Support? System Down" was 
released a few years ago and you can see some excellent trailers at the 
site (

         It will be showing in Cherry Hill, New Jersey (just East of 
Philadelphia), on June 20th.  See complete details on time & location 
below.   I plan to be there and hope to see some of you! These events 
give us a nice opportunity to meet face-to-face.

         It tells "our" story, both Mothers & Fathers, in a way other 
people can understand.   There was a theatre showing in my home town and 
my friends & neighbors came away saying,  "John, now I understand how 
bad things are.  I never realized ...."   I must also add I'm very 
thankful to the producer, Mr. Angelo Lobo, when I was jailed in July 
<>, 2006 and had a 
feeding-tube stuffed up my nose -- the in-jail interview by Angelo with 
his cameraman helped insure my 'safety' as a prisoner (also part of the 

***The Unitarian Universalist Church of Cherry Hill NJ will be showing the film Support System Down on 
Thursday evening, June 20th (the Thursday following Fathers Day).*** 
Arranged by Jeff Golden ( <>, 
President of FACE, Don't hesitate to contact 
Jeff if you have any questions regarding the showing.
         UUCCH will have a special showing of the film, "Support System 
Down" which explores flaws in the current child support system - 
Thursday, June 20, 7 p.m.Discussion and light refreshments will follow: 
401 N. Kings Highway, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 
<>(click for a map & direction).
         Much has been said about civil rights regarding gender, race, 
and sexual orientation.Yet many of us have implicitly supported a system 
that benefits itself only by separating one or both parents from their 
children: even though each of us knows nobody loves us more than our 
parents, and, as parents, there is nobody we love more than our 
children.Please join in watching a film that takes an honest look at the 
support system in place and its consequences.Is the right to 
relationship between parent and child unimpeded by government a civil right?
           UUCCH has said it wishes to become an area beacon providing 
multi-denominational leadership around social justice issues.  This is 
certainly an opportunity to do so.  In many ways it is also an 
opportunity for the church to continue its journey to return to its core 

     Best regards & hope to see you there!

John Murtari
Coordinator AKidsRight.Org jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org 
"A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
(315) 944-0999(x-211) http://www.AKidsRight.Org/

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