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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sat Dec 14 2013 - 16:59:13 EST

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Good People & People of Faith,

We are planning a series of meetings across NY State with local staff members of US 
Senators Charles Schumer & Kirsten Gillibrand.  Our first meeting was today in 
Syracuse. We spent about an hour at each office.  Many of you wrote in and gave us 
material, click here for the package 
presented to them (both in PDF and printed formats).  It was very easy scheduling a 
meeting, we simply called the office to find a convenient time and also sent a 
/You are always welcome to re-use this material!/

Our stated goal at each office:*The Senator make a public statement, with a group of 
mothers & fathers, recommending the Senate call for public hearings into the need for 
Federal Family Rights protections.* /We weren't asking them to endorse our positions 
at this time, but to just recognize we need to start a formal process of 
investigation at the Congressional level. Not more interference by government, but 
protections for the family bond./

Significant items from today:

  * *We need to simply contact them:* Gillibrand's staff member told us he'd worked
    in the office for over a year.   We were the first people to call/visit on the
    topic of protecting Family Rights. Schumer's staff member had been in position
    for over two years, again, no visitors/calls on Family Rights, but had gotten
    several contacts from parents going through Family Court and looking for help.
    Those requests were referred locally to state officials. We were told simply
    having people call the Washington and mention Family Rights will get the item
    tracked. They also recommend 'old-fashioned' signed paper petitions --/a stack of
    signatures arriving in Washington makes a big impact!/
  * *We need to show up in person:* Calling is easy, writing requires more effort,
    showing up in person is significant.  One aid affirmed that making an effort to
    have people visit each local office in NY would "make an impact with policy
    people in Washington."   Who showed up in Syracuse?  John Murtari, Group
    Coordinator, and two parents from Canada!  Sandy Scarvino & Robert Samery (both
    members ofthe Parental Alienation Organization (PAAO),
  * *Moving Forward:* Welcome your thoughts on how we can carry some of these plans
    out as the New Year begins!  We will try to organize both phone call and petition
    efforts, and also trips to the their other offices.  Please give this some
    thought and please contact me
    <mailto:jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org?subject=Congressional%20Contact> if you can help!

        Romeo Misses a Payment - Movie Premiers in NYC & London this Friday

Check here 
the official Press Release on the film.

  * Showing at the AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9 Theatre
    New York City (Upper west side, about 10 blocks from Central Park) - Dec 13-19
    Two showings daily,  11:20 AM & 12:30 PM.
    *Both the Producer, Angelo Lobo, and  John Murtari, interviewed from jail for the
    documentary, will be present on Saturday, Dec 14th -- Hope to see you there!*
  * Showing at the Prince Charles Cinema
    (Leicester Square), London - Dec 13-19.


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