Photos from Mother's Day Event / Fatherless Day in DC - more info

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From: John Murtari, Coordinator (jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org)
Date: Tue Jun 03 2014 - 17:24:36 EDT

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** Good People & People of Faith,
This message has info on two items:
1. Fatherless Day Rally in DC, June 13th - info needed?
2. Mother's Day event report - planning for Father's Day.

1. Fatherless Day Rally in DC, June 13th - info needed?
I heard about this from several people and was planning to make the trip -- found some web sites, but a little concerned that I can't find any details on exact locations and times?    If you know some of the details,please send them in and we'll distribute to the list.

2. Mother's Day event report - planning for Father's Day.
Finally had the chance to update the site with info from our event before Mother's Day.  You can see some pictures and review more details,http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actiond_syr.  It was great to have a couple of other mother's there.   We are planning a similar event for June 20th (changed from June 13th to avoid conflict with the DC Rally).  Your ideas and participation are welcome!

Katherine Golden ('s%20Day) wrote up her thoughts:

"Visiting the offices of Senator Schumer and Gillibrand to deliver letters about our shared goals for equal shared parenting and the general abuse of parental rights in NY and around the nation, was a good experience. It gave me the opportunity to verbally express how Family Law Courts have negatively affected my entire family, and how reform of Family Law (presumption of equal shared parenting), VAWA (equal treatment of and equal access to resources for all victims regardless of gender- false allegations and the presumption of innocence), and Title IV-D (child support) can and will benefit our children, parents and strengthen parent/child relationships. It was also a great opportunity to ask for the Senators support, or their withdrawal of support, on issues of parental rights and other issues affecting children and parents.

Office Staff of both Senators were pleasant, courteous, and willing to listen, acknowledge and discuss the aforementioned Family Law issues. They freely gave out business cards and said they would be inclined to communicate further on any or all of the issues I presented. This was not my first visit to the offices of Schumer and Gillibrand; it seems the Senators are NEVER present at the Syracuse offices.

Security staff responded immediately once John began to write/chalk "I Love You" on the sidewalk in front of the Federal Building. At first a couple of them appeared somewhat belligerent and rude as they demanded that John stop writing and threatening him with arrest. At times, 2-4 members of the security staff were present, I guess John presented a major threat with his chalk in hand(sarcasm). After speaking at length with John, myself and my adult daughter, the security staff seemed almost hesitant to arrest John, but they had a job to do and orders to follow. Syracuse City Police were called to respond and effect an arrest, and an officer did show up just after 4:00 p.m., about 2 hours after the security staff called and made a complaint.

All in all, I feel the protest was a good exercise of free speech. It was an opportunity to speak with, and inform people, about various Family Law issues and the need for protest to reform Family Law. Several people recounted their own horrible experiences with family law courts and everyone we spoke with agreed that equal shared parenting was best for children and both parents and that reform of family law is necessary. Perhaps some will join us at the next protest, or maybe not, but in any case, the protest gave them something to think about and if they discuss parental rights issues with just 1 other person, our cause for reform progresses.

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