US Senators on parental separation/ PAS/ Alaska help & your FEEDBACK

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From: John Murtari, Coordinator (jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org)
Date: Sun Dec 14 2014 - 11:56:24 EST

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** Good People & People of Faith,
1. Social Services after the kids - Alaska, can you help?
2.  U.S. Senators and Family Rights - International abduction concern, what about us?
3. Your FEEDBACK - punish PAS & child chooses preferred home --- I'm not so sure...

1. Social Services after the kids - can you help?
Submitted by:  Robert Weigle (

(12/9/14) my grandson is 3 weeks away from having my daughters parental rights terminated.....this is an sos messg.....Can anyone help me.......OCS- Office of childrens services or  Office of corrupt services has lied, bullied, and destroyed their way to this doom for my grandson.....this is worse than torture..

Robert, VERY sorry to hear about what is going on.  I've talked to many people, "Social Services" can be like the NAZIs when it comes to children and taking them away.  My immediate recommendation is simply to find the best lawyer you can to represent your and your daughter (and unfortunately that can take a lot of money).
I'm not immediately aware of any parent's groups in Alaska, but you may want to search for some on Google. I'll include your request for help in our next list message to the group, should go out by the weekend.
Keep faith and don't give up - John M.
(12/11/14) I am actually in Anchorage Alaska. The News story on tv this morning was a report that Alaska has the highest ratio of children in foster care in the nation.. The numbers they report is 1 out of every 100 children in this state go to foster care. The media always concludes that for the situation to improve, it  would require more money, more social workers. Tv, newspapers,here in Alaska always have the same theme and conclusion..The truth is, that the caseloads are 2/3 subjective and there is no integrity enforcement of any kind within the ranks of the child-protection workers.Lies and mistakes fuel the false  stats that dictate funding..Many factors enable corruption to to go unstopped. A big factor is that the corruption produces many more beneficiaries than victims.The beneficiaries will not ever acknowledge the system they get their money from is corrupt..the victims are  outnumbered and are devastated to the point of not being able to function on any level
that could produce credible testimony to the very few people willing to listen..Most people don't care, and don't know how corrupt the child protectors evil scam inadvertently is bad for all, including themselves that haven't been destroyed by this corruption.It is not going to be stopped anytime soon.Mandatory reporting by schools,police, and doctors, is the 1,2, and 3, highest ranked reporters to OCS (Office of Corrupt Services) also known as Office of Children's Services.These three have a general perception of being trustworthy and good...The error on the side of caution is a scam that should not apply to child protection, probably something you are already aware of, however, as I am throwing in the towel, I must vent these truths to anyone that might read this msg....The issues are more than I can say at this time, but I am hopefull that in the future I might be able to make a difference in bringing reform to the child protection racket.....Not making this a man against
woman type of deal is also a mistake, because their is strategy on the evil side to flood the ranks of child protectors with way more woman than men.Man bashing, and parent bashing is a big problem in this country, and the child protection scam cashes in on it.....GOD understands all of this, and HIS vengeance will be felt at the appointed time that HE decides....Till then,children and families will be destroyed because of the evil efficiency that child protection has perfected.....Blood money is easy to make, and easy to smokescreen the scam.I am a single parent of a 15 yr old, and when he is on his own, I will try to make a difference for those that will need help, until then, my time and money is to tight to fight.

Robert, Thanks for taking the time to explain and I agree with quite a bit of what you say.  They have too much power and too much discretion and they fail to recognize family rights.  I think you are on our mailing list, I will include your thoughts in the next list message. - John M.

2.  U.S. Senators and Family Rights - International abduction.
Submitted by:  Stephen Walker (

Below there is a reference to approaching Senator Schumer about family rights being important. Good luck with Schumer. Getting a federal legislator involved in what is still considered a state's rights issue is not an easy task.       Various federal doors have been banged on over the years.

I am attaching a document that may give insight and direction.  On November 05, 2009,  22 sitting federal senators (bipartisan) signed the attached letter sent to President  Obama urging Obama to intercede with the Japanese government to address the growing issue of children being abducted to Japan by one parent and the parent left behind in the USA not  having access to the child and not having a legal process to bring the abducted children back home.  The letter is self-explanatory. (      Regarding abducted children, the second sentence in the second paragraph states. " This is a heartbreaking loss for the left behind parent and deprives the child of a  relationship with two loving parents."    The sentiment in that sentence can and should, as well, relate to a non-custodial parent that has no access to a child despite that     parent being a loving
parent.  Apparently, the 22 federal senators, (schumer did not sign on) realize,  at least by inference,  that depriving a child of a relationship with two  loving parents is problematic.         The majority of senators that signed on, are still in office.  Perhaps consider finding a constituent for one that signed on and open the door.  You never know what the response might be. Maybe you get traction.          Best regards,-- Stephen

Submitted by: Glen Gibellina (

Glenn -  I took a look at the links you reference above -- wow, 167 paragraphs! I agree Alienation is a terrible problem but I'm not sure the rules on speech are the solution.  It's a free country and family is private and what I say to my child is between me and them.  I'm opinionated, makes snap judgements, and I'm free to share that part of myself with my child.   I share those sometimes negative opinions of family & friends with my son and honestly, my former spouse doesn't get a free pass on that.  I don't think taping my mouth shut or plugging his ears is the solution.  It's not real.

People have a lot of reasons for not liking each other, we hear it all the time -- but we also form our own opinions.  The fundamental solution:  frequent and regular contact, 50/50, with both parents.  Please check the goal of the group: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/approach.htm

My former spouse was unfaithful, is a huge liar, selfish, puts her interests ahead of our child and I'm sure bad mouth's me every chance she can get away with -- but with all that -- she is a FIT & EQUAL parent.  My son can compare actions and words and form his own opinion of where the truth is.  That's part of life.

I really feel the 167 rules just give lawyers and court more reasons to interfere in family life and use them as a weapon to interfere with a child having contact with a parent.  Your thoughts?   I'll share them with the list
-- John

Submitted by:  Clive Boustred

I have not seen my boys since 2008. I can not even communicate with them. Frankly, it is too hard to even think about.
However, I have been working on a plan to fix everything. It is a simple one. Would appreciate your input - email me at ( with comments. Especially regarding the due process and family rights.

All it take is for a majority of people in a region to sign the Universal Peopleisim Constitution and you have your liberty & children. - or

Kindest regards,  Clive
Clive - Sorry for the delay in getting back to you and VERY SORRY to hear about the situation with your sons.
I read some of the material you had at the Peopleisim sites.  I'm not sure what to make of it and it's a much broader goal that anything I have in mind....  I did look through the Constitution, saw the material you have on Family Rights in Section 7.4.

You talk about 50/50, but also the right of the child to move freely between homes.  Which I assume the child is allowed to spend a majority/all of there time with one parent. I've never like putting children in the position of deciding 'who they like more.'  One fundamental principle I have is "You don't get to pick your parents."

You'll spend equal time with both, unless there is a unanimous jury verdict that one of them caused you serious harm while acting with malintent....  (that's what we have at the web site)...  Get's rid of some of the motivation for parental alienation talk....

Regarding your sons,  I hope you will consider writing them and sending them gifts for their birthdays/holidays.  YOu are their father.  I assume they could threaten you with jail -- but it should be worth it.  It will certainly provide definitive proof to your kids as they grow older that dad loved them very much and did everything peaceable he could do....

You know your situation better than I, but just a thought.
- John M.

Best regards!
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